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Policies and Other Governing Documents

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Welcome to the Roosevelt University Policies and Other Governing Documents page. This page is designed to make available information regarding the documents to which members of the Roosevelt University Community are bound, including the Bylaws, the Academic Catalog, policies, handbooks, and collective bargaining agreements, as well as some of the most commonly-used procedures and forms. 
University Policies

RU Policy No. 1.4 describes the process for drafting, submitting for approval, and revising of University policies. The University's policy template may be downloaded as a Word document.

Provost/Academic Affairs & Registrar (for Students)

0.1 Academic Integrity Policy and Appeals Procedure
 eff. 08/15/18
0.2 Final Grade Policy and Appeals Procedure
 eff. 08/15/18
0.4 Academic Forgiveness Policy and Procedure
 eff. 08/15/18
0.5 Repeat Course Policy
0.6 University Transfer Credit Policy
0.9 Credit Hour Policy  
0.14 Class Attendance Reporting Policy
 eff. 08/15/18
Religious Holidays Policy (for Students)
 eff. 08/15/18
0.16 Jury Duty Policy (for Students)  eff. 08/15/18
0.17 Military Leave Policy (for Students)  eff. 08/15/18


1.1 Policy on Creating and Awarding Presidential Awards  eff. 03/12/18
1.3 Establishing Institutes and Centers  
1.4 Formation and Issuance of University Policies eff. 08/09/17

Human Resources

2.1 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying and Retaliation eff. 11/08/17
2.2 Confidentiality  
2.3 Relocation Expense Policy
eff. 03/12/18
2.4 Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment  
2.5 Policy on Consensual Romantic and Physical Relationships eff. 11/08/17
2.6 Drug and Alcohol-Free Policy Statement & Campus Notification  
2.7 Abused and Neglected Child Policy eff. 10/11/17
2.8 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy eff. 10/11/17
2.9 Policy on Hiring Workers under the Age of 16  
2.10 Out of Country Travel Assumption of Risk and Liability  
2.13 Serving Alcohol at University-Sponsored Events on Campus  
2.13 Whistleblower  
2.14 Minimum Qualifications for Administrative Positions  
2.15 Service Animal Policy  
2.16 ID Card Policy and Procedures  

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

3.3 Residency Requirements for Chicago Campus Undergraduate Students (university housing)  
3.4 Student Code of Conduct  
3.5 Policy and Procedure on Student Grievances
3.6 Student Representation on University Committees & Governance Boards  
3.7 Study Abroad  
3.9 Student Death Protocol  
3.10 Mental Health Designated Contact  
3.11 Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) Policy and Procedure eff. 03/12/18
3.12 Involuntary Withdrawal eff. 01/31/18
3.13 Graduation Fiscal Policy  

Provost/Academic Affairs (Other)

4.3 Retention of Confidential Letters Concerning Faculty Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
4.4 Facilities & Administration Cost Reimbursement Policy (Grant-Related)
4.5 Faculty and Administrative Compensation Effort Policy (Grant-Related)
4.6 Cost Transfers Policy (Grant-Related)
4.7 Pre-Award Expenditures Policy (Grant-Related)
4.8 Financial Record Retention Policy (Grant-Related)
4.9 Equipment Records Policy (Grant-Related)
4.10 Direct Costing Policy (Grant-Related)
4.11 Service and Recharge Policy (Grant-Related) eff. 10/13/2017
4.12 Prior Approval Policy for Sponsored Program Awards (Grant-Related)
4.13 Cost Sharing Policy (Grant-Related)
4.14 Conflict of Interest in Research (Grant-Related)


5.1 Campus Facilities Rental Program
5.2 Club Quarters - currently under review
5.3 Displaying Items in Windows (see policy 8.1)
5.4 Use of Michigan Avenue Lobby
5.5 Hover Board Campus Restriction


6.2 Employee Travel and Entertainment Expense Reimbursement
6.3 Purchasing
6.4 Purchasing Policy Addendum
6.5 Women- and Minority-Owned Vendors
6.6 Identity Theft Prevention

Information Technology

7.1 Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources
7.2 Cell Phone Policy
7.3 Computer Donation/Recycling
7.3 Laptop Policy
7.5 Password
7.7 Student Email
7.8 Use of Microsoft Exchange to Schedule Meetings
7.13 University Technology Pool

Communications, External and Constituent

8.1 Displaying Items in Windows
8.2 Image, Editorial Style, and Graphic Identity
8.3 Visual Communications on Roosevelt University Campuses
8.4 Political Candidates Speaking on Campus
8.5 Intellectual Property Policy
8.6 Political Activity and Student Organizations at Roosevelt University

Campus Safety

9.1 Student Residence Guest Access eff. 08/30/17
9.2 Auditorium and Wabash Building Access eff. 08/30/17
9.3 Concealed Carry Policy: 430 ILCS 6 - Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act  
9.4 Identification Card Policy and Procedure
eff. 08/15/18

General Counsel

10.1 Policy on Acceptance of Summons, Complaints, and Subpoenas eff. 10/11/17
10.2 Indemnification Policy
eff. 03/12/18

Roosevelt University reserves the right to change, phase out, or discontinue any policy or program. Such changes take precedence over handbook statements. The provisions of this handbook are for informational purposes only and are not intended to create a contract or agreement or implied contract between the University and any applicant or student. Students are responsible for knowledge of, and adherence to, all rules, regulations and requirements stated in the handbook and for keeping up to date with published changes. Students are encouraged to seek information and assistance from appropriate staff should they have questions regarding services, requirements or policies.

Compliance Policies/Procedures

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The below noted policies or procedures are those that the University is mandated by city, state, federal, Higher Learning Commission or IBHE regulations to follow.

Campus Safety

Finance (Business Office/Purchasing/Office of the Bursar)

Human Resources

Compliance Policies and Documents:

Information Technology Services


Policies for Students
All Roosevelt University students are expected to adhere to and comply with all the University's policies and procedures, regardless of whether they are listed in the section below. However, the following University policies, procedures, catalogs and handbooks will be of particular interest to students. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular policy, please do not hesitate to contact the Vice President listed in the specific policy, or contact the Dean of Students with general questions.

Academic Affairs/Provost & Registrar

Campus Safety


General Counsel

Human Resources

Information Technology Services

Marketing & Public Relations

Registrar's Office

Residence Life

Student Affairs