The University provides benefits under the State of Illinois Workers' Compensation and Occupational Diseases Acts. Most job-related injuries or diseases are covered under Workers' Compensation Insurance; they are not covered under the University’s group health insurance plan. The law requires that you report any illness or injury on the job, no matter how slight. If you fail to report any injury, your right to collect worker’s compensation may be jeopardized.

Any injury, however, minor, must be reported by contacting Campus Safety. Campus Safety will complete an Incident Report for the injury and submit a signed copy of the report to the Office of Human Resources. Reports are then filed with the University’s worker’s compensation carrier for claims processing. An injured employee is entitled to receive medical care that is reasonably required to cure or relieve the employee of the effects of the injury.

Please direct further inquiries to the Office of Human Resources,, 312-341-6932.

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