Lockers for storing books and other personal belongings may be rented through the Dean of Students Office, AUD 204, on a semester basis.  The rates are as follows:

  • One semester: $12.50
  • Two semesters: $25.00

Starting the first business day of August each year, new lockers for the FALL SEMESTER/SPRING SEMESTER can be rented. Only one locker per student.

To rent a locker, follow these steps:

  • Pay online
  • Print your receipt and bring it to AUD 204 for your locker assignment.

If you are not taking summer classes the locker must be completely emptied no later than 1 week after commencement. Items left in the locker after that date will be discarded.

If you are taking classes in the summer semester, please renew your locker no later than 1 week after commencement.  The summer period charge is $12.50.

No refunds or proration will be given if you decide to terminate use of the locker.

If you do not renew your locker or turn in your lock by the above date the lock will be changed on your locker and all items will be removed from the locker and discarded. Additionally, you will be charged a lost lock fee of $10.00. Failure to properly clean your locker will result in a cleaning charge of $25.00.

Lockers are only available to currently enrolled students and current employees.  The University is not responsible for the contents of any locker.  Users must use the lock provided by Roosevelt University.  No stickers or posters are allowed on the lockers.  No dangerous items, illegal items, or items otherwise prohibited by Univeristy policy may be stored in lockers at any time.  Items causing unpleasant odors are not allowed.  Lockers must be able to be fully closed at all times.   Roosevelt University reserves the right to open lockers at its discretion at any time and to remove any items it believes compromises the safety or environmental quality of Roosevelt University.   Roosevelt University reserves the rights to charge for damages to the locker and may cancel this rental agreement at any time for any reason.

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