Students must make appropriate payment arrangements or pay their tuition and fees in full by the dates below.

Students are required to pay all term charges by the due date for each term (or at the time of registration thereafter) unless they are enrolled in a payment plan. In accordance with acceptance of the Registration Agreement, payment arrangements must be made for the complete tuition and fees by the due date. Students who have not made payment arrangements are not financially cleared and are at risk of having their enrolled courses, room and board assignments cancelled for the upcoming semester.

Roosevelt University has partnered with ECSI, a billing service, in order to provide continued customer service to assist you in resolving your past due account balance. If your balance has not been satisfied by the due date, you will be contacted by ECSI in an effort to help you resolve the balance and prevent your account from being placed with an outside collection agency.

Roosevelt University offers a variety of ways for you to be financially cleared. Learn more about these options below.

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Questions about this page?

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