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Roosevelt University is committed to offering an environment for working and learning in which students are treated with respect, dignity, and equal opportunity. University employment promotes student engagement, strengthens connections to the Roosevelt community, enhances student life and success, provides professional development and training opportunities, offers service and experiential learning along with financial support. It is the policy of Roosevelt University to employ current Roosevelt University students in appropriate and available part-time positions. All student employment positions are available exclusively to current Roosevelt students registered for at least six credit hours. Student employment is managed by the Office of Career Development in conjunction with Human Resources and Financial Aid Services (for those students who qualify for Federal Work Study).

Students who wish to be considered for on-campus positions must apply for positions through the Career Central job posting system. 

Please direct student employment questions via email to You can also reach us via phone at 312-341-3560.

You can download a visual overview of the student hiring process as a PDF.


A student who is actively enrolled in the current term for a minimum of 6 credit hours and degree/certificate-seeking at Roosevelt University is eligible for student employment.

A student may also be eligible only under the following circumstances:

  • A student can work the summer term immediately following their spring graduation.  International students are not eligible to work after graduation.  
  • A student at Roosevelt University who completes a degree/certificate seeking program in the spring term and who is registered for the following fall term may work through the summer term. 

A student who is no longer enrolled at the University terminates his or her eligibility for student employment. 

Students may apply for and be awarded Federal Work Study grants through Financial Aid Services. 

Student Employment Handbook
What to do once hired/Onboarding

Important Information

Welcome to student employment at Roosevelt University. Only sign up for a session after you have been hired for an on-campus job and if you have never worked at Roosevelt University before. You must attend a session before you can begin working. You and your supervisor will receive a confirmation email from Aaron Kennedy on your Roosevelt email account when you are authorized to begin working.

REQUIRED before attending:

  • Step 1: Complete section 1 of the I-9 at  The employer code for Roosevelt University is 13955.
  • Step 2: Gather I-9 documents that are acceptable for eligibility verification.  Documents must be originals and must be presented in person.  Copies or faxes cannot be accepted.  The list acceptable documents can be found at
  • Step 3: Bring your original I-9 documents from step 2 to the onboarding session (copies cannot legally be accepted).  You will not be admitted to the session and cannot start working without bringing your original, acceptable documents.  Please call 312-341-3560 or email if you have questions about this requirement.

OPTIONAL before attending:

  • Complete federal and state W-4 forms.  If you do not complete these ahead of time, we will have blank forms available to complete at the onboarding session.
  • Complete a direct deposit enrollment form.  Direct deposit is highly encouraged, though not required.  This form can be completed and printed prior to going to the session, but we will also have blank forms available.

Chicago Registration

To schedule an onboarding session at the Chicago Campus, please visit our Onboarding registration page on Eventbrite.

Schaumburg Registration

To schedule an onboarding session at the Schaumburg Campus, please email Danette Schulz at

International Students

International students should refer to the International Student Employment page.