The Roosevelt University PharmD program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

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ACPE-Required Outcomes Data

The program’s average 1st-time NAPLEX pass rate for all prior years is 83% (2014-2020). The Class of 2021 first-time NAPLEX pass rate is 53%; the ultimate pass rate for this cohort as of June, 2022, is 82%. We are actively collecting data on Class of 2022. As of September, 2022, 36 graduates report that they have taken the NAPLEX so far and 32 (89%) report that they have passed.

Job placement is reported in the year following graduation. Data are collected via graduation and follow-up surveys and through social media (LinkedIn), as well as via direct outreach with graduates. Job placement for Class of 2021 is 100%. Of 80 graduates, 54 (68%) are employed in pharmacy, 6 (8%) are completing residency or fellowship, and 20 (24%) were lost to follow-up.

In the Class of 2022, 13 graduates sought an accredited residency by going through the Match. Of those, 12 matched, for a 92% residency match rate. Additionally, one graduate applied and was accepted for a post-graduate fellowship. Full job placement data for this cohort will be available in August, 2023.

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Questions about this page?

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