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Residence Life

As a Roosevelt student, you'll be part of the thriving life of downtown Chicago. Our Office of Residence Life will be there to help you live, learn, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Residence Halls

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Living in a residence hall gives students the unique opportunity to learn about themselves in a supportive environment, where they are introduced to new ideas and engage in challenging conversations. All new first-year, full-time students enrolled at the Chicago Campus of Roosevelt University are required to live in University housing for their first two years.

Living-Learning Communities

A Living-Learning Community is a group of students living together who share a common interest. Programs, trips and resources offered throughout the year are themed to reflect the shared interest of each community. LLCs are the perfect place to embrace your sense of adventure, broaden your horizons, and make the most of your college years.


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If you're going be your best in the classroom, you've got to stay fueled up! Our Dining Center and meal plans make it easy to feed your brain (and your taste-buds).

“The Willis Tower is in my backyard and the ‘Bean’ is in my front yard and I get to look at Lake Michigan every day. I’m in the heart of Chicago, not just Chicago... Being in the city means you can go to volunteer opportunities, learn how to interact with people professionally, be independent and get where you need to go without relying on someone else.”

Jessica Naber - Business, BSBA '16
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