The pre-pharmacy curriculum is designed to prepare students for advanced study in a complex and dynamic health professions field. A minimum of 53 semester credit hours or 79.5 quarter hours must be completed by all Doctor of Pharmacy applicants.

If you are beginning your pre-pharmacy coursework, you are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to map out an appropriate program of study. Balancing your coursework, including the number and rigor of courses completed each term will help prepare you for entrance into a professional program such as pharmacy. It is recommended that you start out with a smaller number of credit hours (12-14) while adjusting to the pace and intensity of collegiate-level courses, and then increase the course load in subsequent terms after your academic ability has been confirmed.

Grades from all pre-pharmacy courses must be earned from an accredited college or university. Advanced Placement credits with scores of 4 or higher on the exams will be accepted as long as your undergraduate institution accepted the credits and they appear on your official undergraduate transcript. For information about course and grade point average requirements, please refer to the admission requirements.

Pre-Pharmacy Coursework Semester/Quarter Hours
Natural Science – 26 semester/39 quarter hours minimum
General Biology I and II with Laboratory 6/9
Anatomy and Physiology I and II with Laboratory 5/7.5
General Chemistry I and II with Laboratory 6/9
Organic Chemistry I and II with Laboratory 6/9
Physics I 3/4.5
Math and Economics – 9 semester/13.5 quarter hours minimum
Calculus I 3/4.5
Economics (micro or macro) 3/4.5
Statistics (general or biostatistics) 3/4.5
Written and Oral Communication – 9 semester/13.5 quarter hours minimum
English Composition I 3/4.5
English Composition II 3/4.5
Speech Communication 3/4.5
General Education Electives – 9 semester/13.5 quarter hours minimum
Humanities Courses (no studio or performance)and/or Social and Behavioral Science Courses 9/13.5
Minimum Total 53/79.5

Course Guides by School

Colleges and universities change their course titles and content regularly. It is always a good idea to verify the courses with an academic advisor just to make sure you have the most accurate course listings.

If your college or university is not listed, contact us at and we will work with the institution to create the course equivalency table.

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