Pursue your ambitions and make a difference through graduate study at Roosevelt. Study one-on-one with recognized, real-world experts who are celebrated in their professions and communities. Be prepared — enhance your education and foster skills for professional-level development and outreach.

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Engage in faculty-led, grant-funded academic research opportunities. As gifted scholars, researchers and educators in their fields, our faculty members strive to imbue our graduates with the skills to achieve their life goals and participate fully and meaningfully in their communities. Our faculty creates pathways for student success in powerful, innovative and authentic ways.

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Discover unique learning opportunities within Roosevelt University’s academic and professional settings with the graduate assistantship program. Assistantships are awarded on an annual basis through a competitive-based application process, with financial and tuition assistance available for participants. Previous appointments include research assistants, academic advisers and enrollment management representatives.

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Internships & Practicums

Elevate your career through internship and practicum opportunities generated by a vast system of peers, professors, distinguished alumni and community partners. Several graduate programs offer internships and practicums for academic credit, allowing you to enhance your professional skill set while working toward the completion of your degree.

“We are more ambitious than many colleges because of our social justice mission. Students learn more than important knowledge or facts at Roosevelt."

- Dr. Steven Meyers, Professor of Psychology