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Dissertation and Thesis Completion Guidelines

Roosevelt University students whose graduate or doctoral program requires the completion of a thesis or dissertation/doctoral project are required to follow the guidelines on this page. You may also download a PDF copy of these guidelines that includes the required transmittal form.

Documentation of Approval

After students have met all program thesis/dissertation/doctoral project requirements (e.g. an oral defense and/or revisions required by committee chair/advisor or committee members), students should obtain documentation of approval on the “Dissertation/Thesis Transmittal Form for Master’s and Doctoral Candidates” available at the end of this document.
A print copy of this completed form should be submitted to the graduate student’s program when all thesis/dissertation/doctoral project requirements have been satisfied. A student’s committee chair/thesis advisor will direct students to whom the form should be submitted.


A completed transmittal form must be received by the Registrar’s Office by the following dates for degree conferral for the same semester:

  • Spring – April 1
  • Summer – August 1
  • Fall— November 1

All theses, doctoral projects, and dissertations must conform to the style required by the academic discipline in which they are written, the university’s title page template, and any program-specific formatting requirements. A sample of the university’s title page template is in the transmittal process document. Students should consult their committee chair/thesis advisor if they are unsure of any program specific-formatting requirements or which style manual should be used. The university library also provides assistance with disciplinary style guide questions.

Post-transmittal form submission requirements

University Archives and UMI/ProQuest

Students are required to submit the final version of their approved thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project electronically to the University Archives. The University Archives will store an electronic or paper copy of student theses/dissertations/doctoral projects.

Students will receive information from their program about how to submit their work to both the library and UMI/ProQuest upon submission of a completed “Dissertation/Thesis Transmittal Form for Master’s and Doctoral Candidates.” 

Programs may also require students to upload their work to UMI/ProQuest for publication. Students may purchase a bound copy of their work directly from UMI/ProQuest.

RTI/Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED)

Doctoral students should complete the Survey of Doctorates, which collects data on students completing non-practitioner, research-based doctoral programs. The link to complete the survey will be given to students by their program upon submission of the “Dissertation/Thesis Transmittal Form for Master’s and Doctoral Candidates.” 

IRB Termination Form

At the conclusion of their study, those students who obtained IRB approval for their research need to submit an IRB termination form to the IRB chair.