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Health and Safety

Feeling healthy and safe is a vital to your success at Roosevelt. We're here to help.

In an Emergency

Find important contact information and emergency procedures. 

Campus Safety

Get information on how to stay safe, what to do in the event of an emergency, and more.

Report a Person of Concern

If you have witnessed a student, staff, faculty or any person exhibiting concerning behaviors that may affect the Roosevelt community or any of its members, you are encouraged to contact the University's Behavioral Assessment Team.

Health Information

Personal Health: Not feeling well and need to find a health facility or drug store near campus? You can also find information about student health insurance.

Environmental Health & Safety: Looking for laboratory emergency procedures and incident report forms? Visit the environmental health and safety page.

Counseling Center

Seeking a college degree is a very exciting time full of opportunities and challenges. The Counseling Center is here to help students manage their emotional wellbeing when the stress and demands of life and school impact their path towards success.


Looking to to run of some stress, build some muscle, or take a yoga class? Find out how to take full advantage of Roosevelt's fitness facilities.