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Admission Deposit for New Students

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Now that you have been admitted, your next important step is paying your admission deposit.  The $200 deposit ($500 for Chicago College of Performing Arts students) is not an additional fee, but a down payment on your tuition bill for the first semester enrolled and indicates your commitment to enroll at Roosevelt University.  The deposit must be paid prior to registering for your first semester.

Online/Credit Card

Freshmen and Transfer Students (Non-CCPA)

You may make your payment online using a credit card, debit card, or Paypal. Simply fill out this form and click "Pay Now." 

CCPA students 

To make the online payment, you’ll need to log into your RU Access account.  Your User ID is your nine-digit Roosevelt ID number and your PIN is "RU" followed by your six digit birthday in a month-month-day-day-year-year format and an exclamation point (!).  Example: if your birthday is April 1, 1985, your PIN is RU040185!

Once logged in, follow these easy steps:

  • Click on Registration & Other Student Services
  • Choose Tuition and Fees
  • Choose Make a Payment
  • Connect to Bill & Payment System - this will take you to a separate secure screen
  • Choose eDeposits
  • Choose the term (semester) that you will begin classes
  • Make the $500 payment


Send a $200 ($500 for CCPA students) check or money order payable to Roosevelt University:

Roosevelt University
Office of Admission
1400 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Please include your name and nine-digit Roosevelt student ID number on the check. 

In Person

Submit payment by visiting the Office of Admission at the Chicago Campus or Schaumburg Campus.

Request for Refund

Except for CCPA deposits, the Roosevelt admission deposit is refundable by request prior to designated date for the corresponding term:

  • Fall term - May 1
  • Spring term - January 1  

Deposits received after the dates above, are refundable by request within 30 days of the date received. All deposits are non-refundable once the intended start term has begun.

Requests should be sent by email to All requests will be reviewed for consideration by the Office of Admission. Please include your first and last name, Roosevelt student ID number and reason for requesting a refund of the deposit.

Please contact the Office of Admission with any questions.

CCPA enrollment deposits are not refundable, regardless of the date one decides to select a different college or conservatory. For questions on this, please contact