This policy establishes the financial requirements for graduation candidates.


As a student, you are responsible for all tuition, fees, room and board, and other associated costs assessed as a result of registration and/or receipt of services from Roosevelt University.  Roosevelt University will withhold all diplomas, transcripts, and other official statements (such as Letters of Completion) from students with any outstanding debts to the University. 

Who does the policy apply to?

This policy applies to the student body at both university campuses as well as students taking online courses.

General Regulations regarding the Graduation Fiscal Policy:

  1. All students must pay any pending balance to the institution in order to receive their graduation diploma or other official statements (such as Letters of Completion).
  2. Office of the Bursar Director is responsible for applying the Graduation Fiscal Policy.
  3. The Chief Financial Officer is the only individual who can approve an exception to this policy.
  4. The student is responsible to adhere to this policy and stay informed of these regulations by accessing information through this page or by contacting the Office of the Bursar.

Questions about this page?

Questions about this page?

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