The laundry room is located on the 14th floor of the Wabash Building Residence Hall.

Use Laundry View to check the status of your machines.  Laundry View helps you to maximize your time, by allowing you to track the progress of your laundry from your desk top computer or your phone.  The website displays a virtual view of our laundry room.  You can see open washers and dryers, when busy ones will be free and how much time is left on machines you are using.


  • SAVE YOUR SOAP! Tip: Use only 2 tbsp. of eco-friendly detergent for best results — too much detergent can ruin clothing and damage the washers.
  • Load washer, leaving about five inches of space from the top. Add detergent, but do not over soap.
  • If using pods, place them directly into the tub before loading your clothes. 
  • Always check the recommended amount on your detergent package and use accordingly.
  • Select your cycle.
  • When the machine door locks, do not attempt to open until the cycle is complete.


  • Tip: Be sure to EMPTY YOUR POCKETS before you load the machines!
  • Clean the lint screen to ensure maximum air flow is achieved to dry quickly and save energy.
  • Check garment tags to be sure heat selection is appropriate.
  • Remember that one washer load equals one dryer load. Tip: Clothing needs to  move freely to efficiently wash and dry.
  • Do not place garments with remaining stains in dryer; the heat will set the stain — re-treat and re-wash.
  • Do not dry wool, rubber, plastic, or any item containing chemicals.


  • Report a service request via our website, the CSC ServiceWorks Service Request App, or by calling 1.877.264.6622 and speaking with a customer service representative.

Questions about this page?

Questions about this page?

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