Housing Application/Contract

The Housing Application is completed online via the Housing Portal. Once inside of the application, you will be able to select your room type and roommates! Once all of the steps of the application are completed, you will be asked to review and electronically sign the Housing Contract. When you electronically sign the contract, you are agreeing to the contract terms. After completing that step, you will be emailed a confirmation indicating that your contract has been signed. Upon completion and submission of the Housing Application and Contract, the student is contractually obligated to pay the cost of room and board. The housing contract is binding for the contract period which is the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters). The university does not offer housing contracts by semester. However, an exception is made for new students, who enter in the spring semester. Roosevelt University also offers summer housing that runs from mid-May to mid-August.


  • Academic Year: 2019-2020
  • Summer 2019


  • March 19 - Groups
  • March 20 - Rising Seniors
  • March 21 - Rising Juniors
  • March 22 - Rising Sophomores
  • May 1 - Incoming Freshmen


  • Visit our Roosevelt University Housing Portal
  • Login using your Roosevelt University Net ID and Password
  • Once logged in you will have access to the housing applications

The housing application will remain open for each term until there is no more space available. If no housing is available, students will either be placed on a wait list or into temporary rooms. They will be assigned to a permanent room as soon as one becomes available based on when their contract and deposit were received.

Housing Deposit

A one-time $250 deposit is required in order to secure a housing assignment. The $250 deposit that is submitted with the housing application is non-refundable ten calendar (10) days after the signing of the contract. Payment for housing and meals pursuant to this Housing Contract will be due in full at the beginning of each Term for the respective Term. The housing deposit is required one time when you first apply for housing. Then as long as you remain in on-campus housing you will not need to re-submit your housing deposit. A deposit of $250, or an approved waiver, must be received for new incoming students. This Agreement will not be processed without receipt of this $250 deposit or an approved waiver. The deposit will be applied to the student’s account as a credit at the start of the billing cycle for the term for which the student is applying.


  • Visit the Housing Portal
  • Login using your Roosevelt University Net ID (Username and password)
  • Click on Housing Application
  • Select the term for which you are applying
  • Pay the $250.00 deposit using a debit or credit card
    *For check or cash payments, visit the Cashiers Window located on level 1M of the Wabash Building
  • Once the deposit has been paid, the student will have access to the Housing Application

Housing Deposit Waiver

Any student who is unable to pay the $250.00 Housing Deposit may apply for a Housing Deposit Waiver.

To apply for the waiver, the student must submit an essay to the Office of Residence Life along with their Financial Aid Award Letter before submitting their housing application.

The essay must answer the following questions:

  • Share why you believe you should be granted a Housing Deposit Waiver?
  • Explain what current circumstances impact your ability to pay the housing deposit?

The essay should be written by the student, in a word document and sent as an attachment of the email. Essay should be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced and no more than 500 words. Essay should be submitted via email to the Office of Residence Life (reslife@roosevelt.edu).

The subject line of the email should be “Housing Deposit Waiver” and in the body of the email the student should list their full name (first and last), University ID number (if they have it), and the term for which they are requesting the housing deposit waiver (Example: Fall 201X, Spring 201X, Summer 201X).

Student must also attach to their submission email their Financial Aid Award Letter (as received by Roosevelt University Financial Aid). If the Student has not yet received their Award Letter they must submit their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as calculated by completing their FAFSA.

The Office of Residence Life will review the request and notify the student via email of the outcome of their request.


Students, who wish to cancel their housing contract may do so by submitting a Housing Contract Cancellation Request form through the Housing Portal. The housing contract is strictly adhered to with exceptions made only under extenuating circumstances. The University will only release a student from contractual financial obligation for the reasons listed on this form.