Housing Application Contract

  • The Housing Application is completed online via the Housing Portal. Once inside of the application, you will be able to select your room type and roommates!
  • Once all of the steps of the application are completed, you will be asked to review and electronically sign the Housing Contract.
  • When you electronically sign the contract, you are agreeing to the contract terms. It is very important that you read the entire contract and understand all of the terms and conditions.
  • Upon completion and submission of the Housing Application and Contract, the student is contractually obligated to pay the cost of room and board.
  • The housing contract is binding for the contract period which is the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters).
  • After completing that step, you will be emailed a confirmation indicating that your contract has been signed.
  • The university does not offer housing contracts by semester. However, an exception is made for new students, who enter in the spring semester.
  • Roosevelt University also offers summer housing that runs from mid-May to mid-August.

Housing Applications Currently Open

  • Summer 2020 (three contract options)
  1. Entire Summer: Wednesday, May 13th to Saturday, August 22nd
  2. Contract 1: Wednesday, May 13th to Friday, July 3rd
  3. Contract 2: Friday, July 3rd to Saturday, August 22nd
  • Academic Year: 2020-2021

How to Apply for Housing

The housing application will remain open for each term until there is no more space available. If no housing is available, students will either be placed on a wait list or into temporary rooms. They will be assigned to a permanent room as soon as one becomes available based on when their contract and deposit were received.



Housing Application for AY20-21 opens on Saturday, February 1st

  • Complete or Update you Profile
  • Select your Room Preferences


  • As of March 25th 2020 a Housing Deposit is no longer required for an AY 2020-2021 housing contract.
  • For those who paid the Housing Deposit prior to this date, that deposit will be applied as a credit to your student account at the start of the contract.


Contract available to sign starting Monday, March 2nd

  • Don’t rush through reading the contract. It is very important that you read and understand the terms and conditions you are agreeing to when you submit the contract.
  • You should only submit a housing contract if you intend to live on-campus. The contract is a legally-binding agreement, and is not cancelled unless for the reasons stated on the Housing Contract Cancellation Request Form found on the Housing Portal.
  • If you wish to cancel your contract, it must be within 10 calendar days of when you signed the contract.


Tuesday, May 5th – Thursday, May 7th = Room Selection for all Continuing & Transfer Students

Friday, May 15th = Room Selection for all New Freshman

  • Timeslots will be assigned based on contract signed date not by class. This is a change from years past.
  • Students who have signed contracts will receive an email notifying them they can login to retrieve their room selection / lottery number.

Housing Contract Cancellation Request

A Housing Contract Cancellation Request is for those students who have signed a 1-year or 2-year housing contract and are requesting to cancel that contract for a specific reason.

  • You have 10 calendar days after you sign your housing contract to cancel without penalty.
  • Outside of this time, if you wish to cancel your housing contract you must submit that request through the Housing Contract Cancellation Request Form.
  • The housing contract is strictly adhered to with exceptions made only under extenuating circumstances.
  • The University will only release a student from contractual financial obligation for the reasons listed on the Housing Contract Cancellation Form.
  • To review what documentation is required to cancel a contract go to the Housing Contract Cancellation Request link on the Housing Portal.
  • If you have previously signed a two-year housing contract, no longer fall under the Housing Requirement, and wish to cancel your contract, you should submit a Housing Contract Cancellation Request and have it approved before you make other housing arrangements. However, we feel confident we will be able to house all students who are interested in living on-campus this year.
  • Students, who wish to cancel their housing contract may do so by submitting a Housing Contract Cancellation Request form through the Housing Portal.

Housing Exemption Request

A Housing Exemption Request is for those students who have not signed a housing contract, and are requesting to be exempt from the Housing / Residency Requirement. 

  • At Roosevelt University, we believe on-campus living provides a community for students and nurtures connections to peers and the institution.
  • Because of this philosophy, all new first- year, full-time students enrolled at the Chicago Campus are required to live in University housing for their first two years.
  • The Housing / Residency Requirement Policy applies to:
    1. New first-year full-time students
    2. Those who are under the age of 21 OR Earned fewer than 30 semester hours of transferable college credit as of the first day of the initial term of enrollment.
  • To review the reasons for submitting an exemption, the documentation required if submitting an exemption request, and to submit a Housing Exemption Request go to the Housing Exemption Request link on the Housing Portal.