McCormick Dining Center

The McCormick Dining Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Wabash Building. Want to see opening hours or menus? Download the Roosevelt mobile app for Android or iOS and tap on "Dining Services," or visit the mobile web version.

Meal Plan Requirements

Residents living in a suite style room are required to have a meal plan. Residents of Wabash and University Center are automatically assigned the smallest meal plan offered for their residence hall. Students, who want to upgrade their meal plan, should contact the Office of Residence Life. Students may choose to upgrade their plan at the beginning of fall semester. Upgrades apply to the full academic year.

Wabash Building Residence

Dining packages are based on a declining balance plan. This program allows the resident to eat when they want, as often as they want. The declining balance system automatically deducts the amount of each purchase from the student's account. The amount of purchase and balance remaining in the account is shown on the student's purchase receipt. Balances carry over from fall semester to the spring semester, but do not carry over into summer sessions or from academic year to academic year. Any balances remaining at the end of a given academic year are forfeited and are non-refundable.

Wabash Building Meal Plans 2018-2019

Meal Plan Academic Contract Semester Contract
Standard $3,811 $1,905
Deluxe $4,275 $2,137

Wabash Building Meal Plans 2019-2020

Meal Plan Academic Contract Semester Contract
Standard $1,905.50 $3,811
Deluxe $2,137.50 $4,275

University Center

Dining packages are based on defined number of meals per week. Meals are all-you-care-to-eat (buffet-style). When students purchase a meal plan, meals are loaded onto their account. Each time a student visits the dining hall, a meal will be deducted from this account. Only one meal is deducted per swipe. Unused meals remaining at the end of the week do not carry over to the following week.

Meal plans are accessed using your Roosevelt University ID Card at Wabash or your University Center ID Card at University Center. Meal plans are not transferable. Students must adhere to the following policies:

  • If you lose your card, notify security and dining immediately.
  • You cannot give your card to someone else to use your plan.
  • Purchasing food for friends or family is permissible only in your presence.
  • You must have your ID card with you to access your meal plan.

University Center Meal Plans 2019-2020

Meal Plan Academic Contract Semester Contract Flex Dollars per Semester Flex Dollars per Year
19 Meal Plan (Deluxe) $4,625.64 $2,312.82 $360 $720
15 Meal Plan (Standard) $4.067.42 $2,033.71 $360 $720
10 Meal Plan (Basic) $3,149.86 $1,574.93 $360 $720
150 Meals for the Year (Apartment Meal Plan) $1,900 $950 $188 $376

Refund Policy

If you leave the residence hall within the first week of an academic term, a refund will be credited for the amount remaining on the plan. After the first week of a given academic term, no meal plan refund will be given and you will be responsible for the full cost of the meal plan. If you move out of the Residence Hall mid-semester or mid-year, but remain a student of Roosevelt University, your meal plan will be available for your use as a non-resident.

*Note a $150 cancellation fee will be applied to residents who cancel their meal plan and live at the UC.