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Wait List Policy, Procedures and Instructions

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When a course is full...

The Wait List starts immediately after the maximum for the course is reached.  When you receive a message that the class is closed you may select the option of placing yourself on a wait list. The process is the same as for registration; just select “Wait List” from the drop down list in RU Access.

If you are waitlisted and a spot opens up...

When a spot in the class becomes available, the first student on the wait list will receive an automatically generated notification to his or her Roosevelt Student e-mail address with instructions to log-in to RU Access and register for the open seat. You will have a limited time to claim the open seat. The time limit for registration will be stated in the notification email. If registration is not completed within that time, you will be dropped from the wait list and will no longer be able to register for the course. There is no guarantee of getting back into the class if you miss your deadline.

Students on wait lists are responsible for checking email frequently to avoid missing the opportunity to register. Students are also responsible for retaining the registration code received from their academic advisor to be able to register online. If you do not have a registration code, contact your advisor.

Instructions for Placing Yourself on a Wait List

If the course you would like to register for is closed, you may add your name to a wait list.

  • Login to RUAccess
  • Go to the Registration & Other Student Services menu.
  • Select Registration.
  • Select Term you want to register for and click Submit.
  • Select Add/Drop Classes.
  • Read the information on the page carefully then click Continue.
  • Enter the Registration Code you received from your advisor for the chosen semester.  If you did not receive, or have lost your code, contact your advisor immediately.
  • In the Add/Drop Classes table enter the five-digit Course Reference Number-CRN of the class.
  • Click on the Action drop down menu on the left.
  • Select Wait list  (a WL code will show on your electronic registration form). 
  • Click Submit Changes.

This will place you on the wait list for that class. You will receive an email with registration instructions when a spot opens up in the course. You may view your place on the wait list at any time in RU Access by viewing your Student Detail Schedule. The Wait list position number is your place in line.

Permissions and Exceptions

Students on the wait list are placed into classes on a first-come basis, based on the date of registration. The only exceptions accepted by the Registrar’s Office for special priority into wait-listed classes will be those of approved college representatives. No other persons, including individual instructors, are authorized to make exceptions. If you need such an exception, please contact your advisor for assistance.

Exceptions are granted on a limited, case by case basis. Colleges and departments are not obligated to grant exceptions. To ensure a student receives the next available seat in a class, all waitlist exceptions must be sent to no later than 10:30am, Monday through Friday.

Instructions for Registering for an Open Seat

When a space opens in a class, you will receive an email to your Roosevelt student email account. The email will come from wait and will contain the subject line “Wait list Notification” followed by the course reference number (CRN) of the section. (Example: Waitlst Notification for 12345).

Read this message carefully.  It will contain the amount of time you have to complete your registration (72 hours, 48 hours, or 24 hours).

  • Login to RUAccess
  • Go to the Registration & Other Student Services menu.
  • Select Registration.
  • Select the Term and click Submit.
  • Your current registration will display on the screen, including all courses for which you are registered, and the wait listed class.
  • Find the class for which you received the notification (the CRN is in the subject line and the course subject, number, section, and title are in the email).
  • Click on the Action drop down menu on the left.
  • Select Web Registered (a RW code will show on your electronic registration form). 
  • Important note:  If the wait listed course takes place at the same day and time as one of your other courses, or if it is a different section of the same course, you will first need to drop the existing course prior to continuing with the next step.
  • Click Submit Changes.

This will complete your registration for the course.

If you miss the registration deadline, there is no guarantee of getting back into the class. You are responsible for monitoring email and acting quickly. Do not wait to register for the open seat.

RU Access Video Tutorials
  • Basic RU Access Navigation: Intended for students, faculty, and staff and covers basic navigation through the menus as well as the site map and search functions.
  • Registering for Classes: Intended for students ready to register for the upcoming term.
  • Wait List Procedures: Intended for all students and contains important details about changes to wait list procedures.
  • Checking Midterm Grades: Intended for students registered for courses where midterm grades will be awarded.
Frequently Asked Questions

The class I want is closed, how do I get on the waitlist?

Follow the instructions above for wait-listing a course. Keep your registration code in a safe place; you will need it if a seat opens. The last day to wait list yourself for a course is the last business day before the part of term for the class begins. For example, if the class session begins on Monday, the last chance to place yourself on the wait list for the class will be the preceding Friday. You should always have a backup plan in case you do not get into the waitlisted course.

Can I see how far down the waitlist I am?

Yes. Log in to RU Access, go to Registration and Other Student Services, and then click on Student Detail Schedule. Find the class on the page and find the line that says “Waitlist Position.” It is important that you monitor your email daily if you are close to the top of the list; you will have a limited time to claim an open seat.

How much time will I have to register for the open spot?

Your registration deadline is included in your notification email as the number of hours from the time the email was sent before your spot expires. The number of hours will depend on how far ahead the start of the term is when you receive your notification. When registration opens for the term, all students will have 72 hours to register for an open spot. About 8 to 10 weeks prior to the start of the term, this will be reduced to 48 hours. About 4 weeks prior to the start of the term, students will have 24 hours to register for the open spot. The reduced deadlines are to ensure students are placed into classes as quickly as possible as the start of the term approaches, giving all students a chance to finalize schedules and prepare for the term.

Can I see the exact date and time my seat expires?

Yes. Log in to RU Access, go to Registration and Other Student Services, and then click on Student Detail Schedule. Find the class on the page and find the line that says “Notification Expires.” This line will show you the exact date and time that your seat expires. You must register for the course before that time. If you cannot find the course on your schedule, your notification has already expired and you have been dropped from the wait list.

I really need this class to graduate, how can I get in?

Your advisor can help you make a request that you be moved to the top of the list. Only authorized college personnel can make these requests. If the request is granted, you will be placed at the top of the list and will receive the next open spot.

I received a notification after the class has already met, do I need the instructor's permission to register?

No. New, starting for Fall 2014 courses, instructor permission is no longer needed during the first week of classes only (for each part of term). If you receive a notification for a class, you may register for it online. After the first week of each part of term, registration is closed. If you missed a class meeting, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor and make arrangements to complete any assignments you may have missed.

I received a waitlist notification email but I don’t remember my RU Access PIN.

Enter your ID number in the RU Access login page and click “Forgot Pin.” Answer your security question to reset your PIN. If this does not work, contact the Help Desk 312-341-HELP (4357) or the Registrar's Office 312-341-3535 (Chicago), 847-619-7950 (Schaumburg).

I received a waitlist notification email, but I don’t have my registration code.

Only your advisor can give you your registration code. Contact your advisor immediately. You must register for the course before the deadline stated in your notification email.

I received a waitlist notification email, and I can't register.

Make sure you are following the above instructions for how to register for the open seat. If, after reviewing the instructions, you are still unable to register, you may contact the Registrar's Office for assistance. Please have the notification email and course information ready so the Registrar staff may assist you more quickly.

If you cannot register due to a hold on your account, contact the office responsible for the hold immediately. You may view any holds on your account in RU Access. Click on the "Registration and Other Student Services" menu, then select "Student Records" and "Holds-view holds on your record".

My notification deadline expired, how do I get back into the class?

You may choose to place yourself back on the wait list for the course following the instructions above and/or in the video tutorial. Once you are back on the wait list, an authorized college representative may send a request to have you placed at the top of the list (see the Permissions and Exceptions section above). If another spaces opens in the class, and you are moved to the top of the list, you will receive another notification. However, there is no guarantee of getting back into a class once your deadline has expired.

Can I forward my Roosevelt email to another account?

Yes. All information about your Roosevelt email, including login instructions, passwords, and how to forward to another account (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.,) can be found in the ITS knowledge base.