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Location: Online, Schaumburg
Start Term: Fall, Fall B, Spring, Spring B, Summer
Program Type: Major, Eight-week

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership program can take three graduate courses (PADM 400, 401 and 419) in the Master's in Public Administration program as undergraduates. Upon completion of the OLED BA and entrance into the MPA, the students will have the requirement for PADM 400, 401 and 419 waived, which will allow students to complete the MPA in three full-time semesters rather than the four full-time semesters required for other MPA graduates.

Expectations & Requirements


You’ll develop the skills to help influence organizations and manage change in fast-evolving work environments. Our students graduate with effective communication skills, a deep understanding of leadership and team dynamics, and the ability to think strategically about the challenges facing organizations.

Sample Courses

  • Media Outlets: Theory and Practice
  • Organization Communication I & II
  • Foundations of Leadership Theory
  • Organizational Change
  • Persuasion and Presentation Skills
  • Group Dynamics and Facilitation
  • Evidence-based Decision-making
  • Social Justice and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership Development
  • Organization Development
  • Conflict and Negotiation
  • Power and Influence
  • Strategy, Vision and Planning
  • Special Topics Course
  • Social Media Strategies


Career options for Organizational Leadership graduates include: employee training and development, employee recruitment, health care administration, business consulting, association and nonprofit management, information management, human resource management, labor relations, law enforcement, project management, strategic planning, corporate communications, and virtual organization management.


“I had put off college because of fear of failing. But I reached a point in my career where I could go no further. The next step was a directorship, and I needed that degree. I needed to check off that box so I didn’t have any barriers in moving up. Roosevelt provided that and much more.”

​Sheila Hirz - BA '15

"By blending my professional experience with the range of academic materials I use for the classes, I address all of the issues that arise during each course in a way that is credible, useful and stimulating for my students. I’m also convinced that newly acquired knowledge is most beneficial when there is a practical application and thus, I work to develop assignments that incorporate textbooks, course materials and 'real life' situations."

​Donnette Noble
Associate Professor, Roosevelt University