Freshman and graduate students are not required to obtain a Foreign Credential Evaluation for education completed outside of the US.  Depending on the country in which you received your education, the University will either review your transcripts in-house or request an official evaluation at no cost to you. Please note that the evaluation coordinated by the University is only for admission to our institution. Applicants will not receive an evaluation.

To be considered for freshman or graduate admission, we require international transcripts meet the following criteria:

  • Transcripts must come directly from the educational institution where the student completed their education.
  • Transcripts must be in English or accompanied by a certified translation.
  • When applicable, transcripts must confirm that the applicant completed all relevant national examinations.

Transcripts should be sent directly to

Transfer students are required to obtain a Foreign Credential Evaluation from an approved external company. Roosevelt University accepts foreign credential evaluations from the following agencies.

We may accept foreign credentials evaluations from other current NACES member agencies but we will only accept evaluations from agencies that require official transcripts. A detailed list of the required documents for each country can be found on the evaluation service's website. Please check the website to see which documents are needed for the country in which you completed your education. Evaluations should be submitted directly to Roosevelt by the issuing agency to External evaluations often take several weeks to be issued.

What type of evaluation do I need to submit? Evaluations are not required for study-abroad coursework.

  • Applicants to any of our undergraduate programs only need a General Analysis or Document-by-Document evaluation.
  • If you are applying as a transfer or graduate student, you will need to requests a Detailed Analysis or Course-by-Course evaluation.

In some cases, you may be asked to submit additional information or a course syllabus when a direct course equivalent could not be verified through the foreign credit evaluation. The additional information may be needed for both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Roosevelt University does not require evaluations for study abroad courses or International Baccalaureate (IB) diplomas. If you have any questions about your transcripts and whether you need a Foreign Credential Evaluation, please email

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Questions about this page?

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