Roosevelt University requires that all foreign transcripts are evaluated by an approved evaluation service. This evaluation will provide us with a better understanding of the courses and degree you have completed, the grades achieved within each course, and the Unites States' equivalency to the specified content.

Roosevelt University accepts foreign credential evaluations from the following agencies.

We may accept foreign credentials evaluations from other current NACES member agencies but we will only accept evaluations from agencies that require official transcripts. We require a course by course evaluation.

A detailed list of the required documents for each country can be found on the evaluation service's website. Please check the website to see which documents are needed for the country in which you completed your education.

Evaluations should be submitted directly to Roosevelt by the issuing agency. Documents should be submitted to:

Roosevelt University
Office of Admission Processing
1400 N. Roosevelt Boulevard
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173

What type of evaluation do I need to submit?

  1. Undergraduate-only: If you have only completed high school (secondary school) you may request the GENERAL (Document-by-Document) EVALUATION.
  2. Undergraduate and Graduate: If you have completed any university level study, you must request the DETAILED (Course-by-Course) EVALUATION. The evaluation will be reviewed for transfer credit towards your degree.
  3. Undergraduate and Graduate: If you have completed any university level studies in the U.S, you must submit official transcripts from the U.S. college or university.

Please note: In some cases, you may be asked to submit additional information and/or a course syllabus when a direct course equivalent couldn’t be verified through the foreign credit evaluation. The additional information may be needed for either undergraduate and graduate courses.

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