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Current Students: Placement Tests

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Welcome to Roosevelt University! We believe that accurate placement of students into courses appropriate for their skill level is the first step toward academic success at Roosevelt.

Roosevelt University Assessment (RUA) Information

One of the assessment tools used to insure appropriate placement into required English and math classes is the Roosevelt University Assessment (RUA). Completion of the RUA or evaluation of current ACT scores is required before students may register for courses at Roosevelt University. The RUA is a proctored, computerized test composed of three sections - Reading, Writing, and Math.

Do I need to take the RUA test?

  • Freshmen who have not taken the ACT or SAT scores within the past two years are required to take the RUA before registering for classes.
  • If you are a freshman and have taken the ACT or SAT in the past two years and have not completed college level English or math since the test was taken, your placement will be determined by these scores.
  • Freshmen are encouraged to take the RUA if they wish an opportunity to place into higher level English and math.
  • Transfer students who bring in appropriate college-level English and math courses for their degree may be exempt from one or both portions of the RUA.
  • If you are not sure if you are required to take the RUA, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising at

How long does the RUA test take?

Most students complete the entire exam in less than two hours, but there is no time limit and you may take as much time as you need.

How much does the RUA cost?

There is no charge for taking the RUA at either campus.

What if I am not local?

If you live outside of the Chicago area, please email to arrange to take the RUA at a location convenient to your local area. Please include your Name, Student ID Number, and full address.

When can I take the RUA test?

Testing Labs are open on a flexible schedule with individualized start times at both the Chicago and Schaumburg campuses. Click the link for the campus at which you would like to take the RU Assessment. You will be directed to Eventbrite to complete your registration.

* You will be required to create a free Eventbrite account if you do not already have one.

What do I need to bring?

Students will be required to provide their RU ID number when they sign up for the test and when reporting to take the test.

Take a Sample Test

Roosevelt University uses the following College Board Accuplacer Tests:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Elementary Algebra
  • College Level Math

Sample tests for all of these areas can be found online through the Accuplacer Web-Based Study App. A sample test can be taken after creating a free account.

CCPA Music Ensemble Audition Information

All ensemble audition requirements will be available mid-July in Blackboard and also posted on the CCPA Current Students web page

If you have not yet logged into Blackboard, follow the instructions provided to create a login account.

Audition requirements and details will be in the "General Information" folder of the Blackboard organization titled Music Conservatory 2017-2018. An email will be sent to your Roosevelt address when these materials are available online.

CCPA Music Conservatory Undergraduate Students

All new undergraduate students will take part in Musicianship Proficiency exams during Kickoff Week. These exams allow the faculty to place students in the appropriate classes and avoid repetition of material that has already been mastered. Each of the four written-aural exams is an abbreviated version of the final exam for the four Musicianship courses. These courses are required of all CCPA degree-seeking students. The exams cover written skills (like part-writing and analysis) and aural skills (melodic and harmonic dictation). Each exam lasts about an hour. A piano musicianship exam will also be given individually.

The theory department has provided an outline of class content and sample exam problems for each of the four musicianship courses below, along with a practice test. You are encouraged to use these as a basis for review, especially is any amount of time has lapsed between your prior training and exam time. At CCPA, we use Tonal Harmony by Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne (6th edition, published by McGraw Hill). Students may not re-take proficiency tests for any reason. We therefore encourage you to prepare as thoroughly as possible for the exams.

Many students successfully demonstrate proficiency for the entire Musicianship sequence, while others demonstrate only partial proficiency of previously-studied material. Since our classes combine three skills (written, aural, and keyboard), course repetition is sometimes necessary if one or more skills are lagging behind. Moreover, since exams test mastery as well as content, you may be asked to re-cover some ground for the purpose of mastery. We want to place you as high in the sequence as possible - no one will benefit from unnecessary repetition.

If you have questions about Musicianship Proficiency exams, please contact Dr. Rudy Marcozzi.

CCPA Music Conservatory Graduate (MM) Students

Please consult the following document for instructions on logging into Blackboard to view your diagnostic exam study guides:

All MM Composition Students Only

CCPA Graduate Diction Exams - All New Graduate (MM) Voice Students

Incoming graduate voice majors will be evaluated for proficiency in Italian, French, German, and English diction. The evaluation process will consist of:

  1. a mandatory three-hour review session;
  2. a written placement exam;
  3. individual sung evaluations.

The written placement exam will evaluate student proficiency in the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in Italian, French, German, and English. Individual sung evaluations will assess students’ application of IPA and pronunciation rules to sung performance, with specific attention to:

  1. consistency of vowel sounds;
  2. clarity and appropriately expressive treatment of consonant sounds;
  3. appropriate text inflection.

For individual sung evaluations, each incoming student shall prepare four songs or arias: one each in English, Italian, German, and French. Memorization is not required.

Students with diction deficiencies in one or more languages will remain enrolled in PERF 311 and/or PERF 312 Language Skills III-IV/Graduate Diction Review. Fall semester covers Italian and French; spring semester covers German and English. If you have questions or require additional information, please contact Dr. Shannon McGinnis:

View graduate diction review session during CCPA kick-off week.
Math PReP (Placement Reassessment Program)

Your ACT score placed you in one class, the RUA may have placed you in another class, and you still feel misplaced …Welcome to option #3 Math PReP—Your opportunity to test out of your current math placement and into the next course.

Math PReP is a self paced review and testing program for Math 095, 096, 121 and 122.  For a small fee, you can take our Math Department Pre Test (using My Math Test).  Your initial test is based on the course in which you are placed.  Based on the test results, the web-based program will give you an individualized study plan that will review the concepts with which you are struggling.  Once the study plan is complete, we allow you to take the course placement exam again to see if you can be moved to a higher level course.

For students who wish to review concepts and prepare for their assigned course, the individualized study plan based on their test results will review the concepts taught in the prior course and allow students to work on concepts to be covered in the course that they will be taking.  

For more information, please contact Mary Williams ( or Cathy Evins (

Additional Placement Test Resources