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Bachelor’s in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Business, BA

The BA program is designed for students who have an interest in the general study of performing arts disciplines such as music and theatre across a range of traditions and genres, but with a particular focus on the business operations of these areas. The interdisciplinary nature of the program will prepare graduates to work in arts organizations, theatre casting offices, artist management, or a wide array of career paths.


Why Roosevelt for your Bachelor's

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Combine Artistic And Business Disciplines

This program is offered by the Chicago College of Performing Arts and the Heller College of Business. Through this interdisciplinary collaboration, a world-renowned performing arts college partners with a comprehensive business college to offer a program that provides a firm foundation in both performing arts and general business, which prepares students for administrative leadership positions in arts organizations or as entrepreneurs leading their own performing arts venture.

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Specialize Your Degree Path

The degree is crafted to provide foundational skills in business, foundational skills in the performing arts, and then electives through which students can specialize further in both their business and artistic preferences. Students are able to choose from four distinct tracks: Entrepreneurial, General Business, Marketing, and Finance.

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Chicago is our campus

Our campus is located in the heart of Chicago’s arts district, a significant advantage to those who wish to maximize their engagement in the performing arts while they are attending college – and after graduation. This head-start on building a network is a factor for many of our students as they look ahead to starting their careers.