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Location: Chicago, Online
Start Term: Summer
Program Type: Master's, Graduate Online

This is a one-year program taught online during the traditional academic year (fall and spring semesters), with two weeks on campus during the summer prior to and after the academic year. This program is taught predominantly online, all in one year, and by practitioners in the field. This allows students maximum flexibility and to learn from professionals with first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the marketplace. There is also a two-year part time option.

Rich Regan
,  Program Director

What Differentiates Us



Courses are varied and broad, encompassing several aspects of performing arts administration. Topics include: Organizational Behavior and the Artistic Component

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At the end of the MA coursework, students are assigned a case study which poses a unique set of challenges. Students are given four weeks to create a written plan of action to address those challenges. This project culminates in an oral defense of their recommendations. This project presents students with real world scenarios and the opportunity to hone their skill set within this field.



MA in Performing Arts Administration students may pursue the degree full-time or part-time. With the exception of two required in-person summer sessions, this degree program is entirely online, making it possible for students to work full time both in the Chicago area and across the country.

Expectations & Requirements


Sample Course Map (Full Time, 1 year program)

Summer Session #1 (Two weeks on-campus)

  • Organizational Dynamics and Human Resources
  • The Artistic Component

Fall Semester Assigned Reading (self-paced)

Fall Semester (online)

  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Fundamentals of Development

Spring Semester Assigned Reading (self-paced)

Spring Semester (online)

  • Facilities Management and Operations
  • Technology and Its Role in the Arts
  • Business Management Methods

Capstone Project (written portion near end of spring semester)

Summer Session #2 (Two weeks on-campus)

  • Basics of Education and Community Engagement
    • Pre-assigned work for Education and Community Engagement
  • Putting It All Together:
    • Capstone Project
    • Coursework follows oral presentations


The Master of Arts in Performing Arts Administration at CCPA is unique; it is an intense one-year curriculum, taught by the practitioners who lead the most prestigious institutions in the country. Graduates of the program are positioned to become the leaders of tomorrow, equipped to raise the artistic and financial performance of performing arts institutions worldwide

Ralph Craviso
Head of the Performing Arts Administration Program, Roosevelt University

Admission Info

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All applicants must submit a Graduate application and all required supplemental items to be considered for admission.

All applicants must submit a secondary application via Included in this submission will be your professional resume.

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