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Angelina “Ang” Lambert’s journey to Roosevelt has been anything but traditional. After high school, Ang attended college for about a year before entering the professional world. Through their many jobs, they were able to discover an interest in human resources. At that same time, they began to develop an interest in law due to barriers they had experienced in their personal life. After numerous attempts to enter the human resources field, Ang realized that they were going to have to obtain a degree to make strides. 

Originally hailing from Tennessee, they moved to Chicago for a fresh start. Today, Ang is a senior majoring in human resource management at Roosevelt University. Once they complete their bachelor’s, Ang plans to earn their master’s and eventually attend law school to pursue a career in employment law.

As a non-traditional and transfer student, Ang has been moving through Roosevelt with a very distinct perspective. They chose to transfer to the University for the affordability, the location and the social justice mission. They have been involved in advocacy work in the Chicagoland area for many years. Once they transferred to Roosevelt, they fully immersed themselves in the community by joining multiple different student organizations. Ang shares, “As a non-traditional student of a certain age, I wanted to have a great experience and recapture a little bit of what I did not have when I was younger.” 

Today, they are a member of numerous student organizations including the Association for Students of a Certain Age and Advocacy for Invisible Disabilities, while also holding leadership positions in the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee and RU Proud. It also reflects how Roosevelt students have taken it upon themselves to reinvigorate the community in the aftermath of the pandemic. At the same time, they are a McNair Scholar while being enrolled in an accelerated program

As Ang nears their graduation in December 2024, they are incredibly grateful to the faculty and staff members that have guided them along their journey. Among those people are their advisors, Linda Davis and Jane Wendorff-Craps, the mentor for their research project Dr. Chris Robinson Easley, and director of the McNair Scholars Program Dr. Alejandra Prieto Mendoza. They are also incredibly grateful to RU Proud faculty advisor Mayra Salgado and director of Career Development. Ang says, “Nancy was one of the first people I met at Roosevelt and is someone I look up to in many ways because of how she empowers students.” 

With graduation approaching, Ang is looking forward to being the first person in their family to have a college degree, and longer term, the first person in their family to have an advanced degree. Given Angelina Lambert’s determination, there is no doubt they will achieve all their goals. For any incoming Roosevelt students, Ang has this advice: 

“Please make everything you can out of this experience. Don’t limit yourself to certain groups. There are a lot of amazing people out there who may be of support to you. So give yourself an opportunity to rise to the occasion when it comes to the opportunity you’ve been dreaming up. And welcome to Roosevelt.”

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