Teachers can choose to take endorsement courses as non-degree students or as students enrolled in a certificate or graduate degree program. Non-degree students take no more than 18 credit hours of courses and earn only an endorsement from the State of Illinois (and sometimes a certificate from Roosevelt University). Degree seeking students earn an MA degree in addition to their endorsements.

Roosevelt University provides licensed teachers with a special non-degree tuition rate on certificate and endorsement-only courses. The non-degree tuition rate changes annually, but offers a substantial reduction off of the regular tuition rate. To see the current tuition rates for non-degree students and degree seeking students visit the tuition rates page.

All endorsement courses and degrees provide licensed teachers with such benefits as instruction from top Roosevelt faculty; workplace opportunities to complete field experiences (if required); and a variety of pathways for course completion, including online and summer intensive pathways. Students who complete endorsement-only coursework can apply their courses and credit toward a graduate degree from Roosevelt’s College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences at a later date.

Roosevelt University partners energetically with schools, districts and organizations to provide endorsements that meet the needs of licensed teachers. Currently, Roosevelt has partnerships with the Chicago Teachers Union, the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Catholic Schools, Dunlap School District 323 and many others.

For more information about certificates, endorsements and partnerships, contact Dulce Martinez, Graduate Admission Counselor, at dmartinez21@roosevelt.edu or (312) 281-3250.

Questions about this page?

Questions about this page?

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