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Location: Chicago, Schaumburg
Start Term: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Minor

The chemistry minor provides students with opportunities to learn the theory and practice of chemical science, which lies at the foundation of disciplines such as biological science, medicine, pharmacy, and sustainability studies. Students with advanced coursework in chemistry beyond that required for their major have a deeper understanding and a strong preparation for a variety of careers in industry, research and healthcare.

What Differentiates Us

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Roosevelt’s chemistry minor is one of the few programs that can be completed by working adult students as well as full-time students. We offer face-to-face classes including lectures and laboratories on a schedule that is convenient and that integrates well with a variety of major programs.


Small Classes, Big Qualifications

This program will not only strengthen your understanding of data analytics but will provide students with a focus on the actual practice of data analytics with current applications.



Roosevelt students with advanced chemistry coursework are well positioned for direct employment upon completion of their bachelor’s degree. Roosevelt graduates find direct employment in metropolitan Chicago’s thriving biochemical, pharmaceutical, and food science industries.

Expectations & Requirements


The chemistry minor provides 25-26 semester hours of training in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and an advanced course in either analytical or organic chemistry, depending on the student’s preferences. Students who are in majors requiring general and organic chemistry (e.g., BA/BS Biology) may complete as little as one additional laboratory course to meet the minor requirements.

Sample Courses

  • General Chemistry I and II 
  • Organic Chemistry I and II 
  • Analytical Chemistry 
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry


Exciting Career Path Opportunities
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"As an organic/medicinal chemist, I view research and lab classes as teaching tools which helps bring organic chemistry alive. I help my students to apply literature concepts in their laboratory courses and research. I enjoy working with Roosevelt students because they are passionate about science. My main goal is to nurture this passion from the moment they step into my class or lab. I want my students to experience the fascinating world of organic/medicinal chemistry. Roosevelt University’s modern and well-equipped laboratories and infrastructure also provide an excellent environment for this to happen."

Oluseye Onajole
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Roosevelt University