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Wasbash and Auditorium buildings
Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Major

The program is a part of Roosevelt's Department of Teacher Preparation. Each program in the department fulfills the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by fostering inclusive and engaging relationships among teacher candidates, faculty, school practitioners, and learners; immersing teacher candidates intensively in diverse school and community cultures; nurturing social justice leadership skills and dispositions; and coaching candidates toward career success.

Erica Flores
,  Associate Director of Admissions
Lilibeth Castillo
,  Assistant Dean, Student Support & Licensure Officer

Expectations & Requirements


Teaching is an immensely rewarding profession, but requires a lot of time and effort. Students can expect focused and practical assignments, engaging discussion and small group projects, and intensive field experiences in diverse schools and classrooms. During the final semester, students complete a 15 week student teaching experience under the guidance of a mentor teacher and a university supervisor.

Minor Requirements

Students in this major are required to earn a minor, or its equivalent, in one of the following areas: English, mathematics, science, or social studies.

Sample Courses

  • Adolescent Development, Learning, and Motivation
  • Foundations of Bilingual and ESL Education 
  • Creating Integrated Content & Learning Communities in Middle Childhood Education 
  • Field Experiences in Middle Childhood Education 
  • Student Teaching Seminar: Middle Childhood Education


Graduates of this program


"I just love my students and our program. As a former principal, nothing gives me greater joy than seeing our students go on to become outstanding teachers."

Linda Pincham
Associate Professor of Secondary Education, Roosevelt University

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