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Bachelor's in Mathematics (BA or BS)

College of Arts and Sciences
Mathematics is a beautiful and interesting subject that will help you gain analytical and problem-solving skills. Mathematicians are problem solvers that combine a deep knowledge of statistics, numbers, functions, shapes, structures and their interconnections to solve real world problems. Mathematics opens the doors to many promising career paths. A study by PayScale shows that the top 15 highest-earning college degrees have a common element: mathematics. Popular mathematics careers include teaching, computer science, operations research, biomathematics, cryptography, and finance.
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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Program Type: Major, Minor

A concentration in statistics is available, and students who wish to become high school mathematics teachers take a specialized set of electives along with a minor in secondary education.

What Differentiates Us

Diverse Community, Small Classes

Diverse Community, Small Classes

We have an inclusive and diverse community, with more than 40 mathematics majors in the current program. Unlike other large institutions, all classes at Roosevelt are capped at 30 students, allowing for individualized focus on your personal growth.

Annual Conference

Annual Conference

Roosevelt holds an annual mathematics conference where you can present your work, hear a career panel, and learn more about interesting mathematical topics. Our students also travel to mathematics conferences and competitions; more than forty have done so over the past six years.

Hands-On Experience

Hands-On Experience

You can have a mini-internship experience in our Industrial Modeling course where you work on a team to solve a problem for an industrial partner.

Flexible Caeer Preparation

Flexible Caeer Preparation

You can prepare for your career by adding a secondary education minor, a computer science minor, or a finance minor, among others.

Expectations & Requirements


Mathematics has long been recognized as an essential tool for developing theory and research in a broad range of quantitative fields. The study of mathematics provides training in disciplined thought and analysis. Mathematicians create new theories and techniques using the latest technology, and solve economic, scientific, engineering, and business problems using mathematical knowledge and computational tools. Our mathematics majors will experience an intellectual community with other students. Students have the opportunity to connect mathematics to the world by working on calculus-based modeling projects and on an intensive modeling project with an industrial partner.

Minor Requirements

The mathematics minor is an excellent addition to a quantitative major such as the sciences, social sciences, computer science, or business. Students take calculus and have the flexibility to choose from a variety of electives.

Sample Courses

  • Calculus I-III
  • Discrete Structures
  • Linear Algebra
  • Real Analysis
  • Differential Equations and Modeling
  • Geometry
  • Abstract Algebra


Employers Our Alumni Work For

Alumni have found jobs at: Chicago Public Schools, Charter Schools (various), Net Tutor, @properties, Peapod, Axcess Financial, USI Insurance Services, Invenergy LLC, Spark Communication, American Express, Sammons Financial Group Member Companies, and Prairie Sky Financial Group.

Positions Our Alumni Hold
Their positions include: Data Analyst, PHP Developer, Java Developer, Senior Software Engineer, IT Systems Analyst, Benefits Analyst Consultant, Professor, High School Math Teacher, Middle School Math Teacher, Tutor, Product Technician, and Financial Planning Assistant.
Graduate Schools Our Alumni Attend

Duke University
Illinois State University
University of Greenwich

More Opportunities

Clubs & Activities

We offer an active Math Club, a colloquium series in mathematics and statistics (view past colloquiums), a day-long conference (the Math x-Position) each fall, and the Roosevelt Lectures in Math each spring. We also have tutoring and the opportunity for majors to become tutors, and a mathematics tutoring and study room.


Melanie Pivarski
"We believe it is important to provide students with excellence in a supportive environment in mathematics, and to also provide the opportunity for students to acquire a lasting, positive and useful influence in all of their present and future endeavors."
Melanie Pivarski
Associate Professor, Mathematics​, Roosevelt University