A college degree is a big investment, and you want to be confident that you’re choosing a program that opens doors to a fulfilling career. As an English major, you’ll learn marketable job skills that you’ll bring to your future career.

English degrees train you for jobs that look for effective communication, attention to detail and critical thinking. That's why employers and graduate schools seek out English majors — because you’re well-rounded and versatile.

Especially in entry-level jobs, employers are looking for people who are trainable and can learn on the job. An English degree will give you a flexible skill set to find a career that works for you.

Graduates of Roosevelt's BA program in English have successfully landed jobs in publishing, marketing, education, nonprofits, teaching, law and much more. 

Graph: What do Roosevelt English Majors Do? 21% Education, 11% Writing and Editing, 8% PR, Marketing and Sales, 7% nonprofits, 7% arts and entertainment, 6% software and IT, Law/Legal Services 5% based on 2020 LinkedIn data from 3,320 alumni

Marketable skills from an English degree

  • Strong writing. English majors can communicate their ideas in a logical, organized way.
  • Developing sound arguments. In an English program, you’ll learn how to think critically about what you read and defend your perspective.
  • Analyzing complex information. As a critical thinker, you’ll understand how to research, observe and tackle new skills.
  • Attention to detail. Your English classes will sharpen your eye for detail as you proofread and edit communications.
  • Creative thinking. You can use your training as a writer and thinker to solve problems in a wide, exciting selection of careers.

Median salaries below come from the 2021 best job rankings in the U.S. News and World Report unless otherwise noted.

Hear how three English majors found jobs they love.

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Questions about this page?

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