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Minor in Writing

College of Arts and Sciences

The writing minor is designed to develop student skills in writing for multiple purposes. Students will work with faculty in a wide range of writing practices who will guide students in developing their writing skills in order to articulate their identities; to address multiple audiences; to organize information effectively; to confront issues critically; and to discover new knowledge about themselves, society, and the world.

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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Minor

The writing minor constitutes an excellent complement to numerous major fields of study at Roosevelt University, and lays solid foundations for graduate study in a wide array of subject areas as well. Majors in English, philosophy, history, women's and gender studies, journalism, and communication all find the minor valuable, as do students who intend to pursue graduate work in any of those fields, or to go to law school. Job candidacy in almost any field can be enhanced with a writing minor.

Expectations & Requirements