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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Minor

The Legal Studies minor is geared primarily toward students preparing to go to law school. The minor draws courses from political science, business, communication, writing and philosophy and is designed to give students a background in legal theory, ethics and logic, and the modes of communication that they will encounter in law school.

Expectations & Requirements


The courses of the minor are divided into legal ideas and legal skills categories. Students can expect to engage in contemplation of what "justice" is, when and whether laws are just, and develop skills in interpretation, critical analysis, and evaluation of legal concepts and questions.

Sample Courses

  • Philosophy of Law
  • U.S. Constitutional Law
  • Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Logic
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • Business Communication
  • Critical Thinking


Career Options
Preparation for Law School

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