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Location: Chicago, Schaumburg
Start Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Program Type: Major

The BS in Biochemistry provides students a rigorous background including 15 semester hours of core biology content, 25 semester hours of core chemistry content, and 12 semester hours of core biochemistry content. Additionally, 10 semester hours of advanced electives allow students to pursue their own interests in biochemistry and its contributing disciplines. Students are well-prepared for technical employment, with over 450 hours of hands-on training in biology, chemistry and biochemistry laboratories outfitted with modern scientific equipment. Many courses include laboratory research projects, and students are encouraged to complete undergraduate research with a sponsoring faculty member. Students are also well-prepared for graduate study, including professional programs in pharmacy and medicine.

Expectations & Requirements


Students should be well-prepared, with a minimum of three years of high school science and three years of high school mathematics, including college algebra and pre-calculus. Students should expect to be challenged by rigorous courses that provide a sound base in the disciplines and experimental techniques of biology and chemistry, as well as their application to biochemistry.

Minor Requirements

Biochemistry majors are encouraged to select a minor, but are not required to do so. Appropriate minors include psychology and mathematics. Biochemistry majors are not permitted to minor in either biology or chemistry. Because of the large number of prerequisite courses which must be completed before students can enroll in biochemistry courses, a minor in biochemistry itself is not available. Non-science majors with an interest in biochemistry should minor in either biology or chemistry.

Sample Courses

  • Physical Chemistry for Bioscience
  • Biochemistry
  • Advanced Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry Seminar.


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Clubs & Activities

Pre-professional club, Pre-pharmacy club


"Roosevelt University has and continues to hold an incredibly special place in my heart. My time at RU was pivotal in my journey through life and my growth as an individual both academically and personally. The diverse student body and the welcoming and accepting attitude that is fundamental to RU allowed me to experience myriad cultures and to learn from a vast array of individuals whose life experiences were vastly different from my own. The close contact and support of RU faculty afforded me opportunities that I would not have found at other institutions. RU provided me not only with the academic foundation to be successful in pharmacy school, it imbued me the principles of compassion, honesty, and empathy that allow me to truly care for my patients. Simply put: I am a better man because of RU."

Zachary Bannor 2013

I enjoy working with Roosevelt students who come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. They always teach me something new, and interact with the material in different ways than I expect. They also challenge me to bring relevant material to the classroom. I particularly enjoy working closely with undergraduates on authentic research experiences, which provides students with tangible, real-world skills and a greater understanding of the scientific process. I also like working with biochemistry students who are near graduation, as I get to see how excited they are for their 'next steps.

Kelsey Poulson-Ellestad
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Roosevelt University