Kelsey Poulson-Ellestad
Kelsey Poulson-Ellestad
Asoc Prof Biochemistry
College of Science, Health and Pharmacy
» Chemistry

About Me

Dr. Kelsey Poulson-Ellestad earned a postdoctoral appointment at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. She got her start in research as an undergraduate assistant, so she's not only passionate about classroom and laboratory teaching, she’s also committed to providing Roosevelt undergraduates with meaningful research experiences. When Dr. Poulson-Ellestad is not in the classroom, she and her research students can be found in the 7th floor research laboratory, setting up an HPLC instrument and other equipment to support upcoming chemical ecology research.

Topic of Expertise
  • Biology / Biochemistry / Oceanography

    Bridging biology with biochemistry and oceanography, and using mass spectrometry, statistics and metabolomics to answer questions related to aquatic chemical ecology

  • B.S. Biology and Biochemistry — University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Ph.D. Biology — Georgia Institute of Technology