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Our Story

Our history is grounded in courage, acceptance and a commitment to social justice. Roosevelt's mission since its founding in 1945 has been to make higher education available to all students who qualify academically, regardless of their background. We help you unleash your potential, no matter who you are.

A Social Justice Mission

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In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, the University's dedication to "the enlightenment of the human spirit" shines brightest in our unique commitment to social justice. We don't just practice social responsibility — we embody it. We are shaping the world's next generation of progressive, ethical leaders.

Making History

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As Roosevelt celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015, alumni across generations told their stories. Each voice is unique, but there’s a common thread: a Roosevelt education made a major difference.


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Just 70 years ago, admission to college was restrictive. Our founding president, Edward Sparling, helped change that.

"The American Dream is about every individual who aspires to achieve more in life to be able to do so. For me, that means to pursue an education."
Ali Malekzadeh
President, Roosevelt University
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