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Dining & Meal Plans

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The McCormick Dining Center

The second floor of the Wabash Building is home to the McCormick Dining Center, a full-service dining facility that serves the entire Roosevelt Community. With a wide selection of freshly-prepared meals, as well as grab-and-go options, snacks, coffee and more, the Dining Center offers great food and an excellent value.  Want to get a taste of what we're serving

University Center Dining Hall

Residents of University Center have use of the Dining Hall in that facility.

Meal Plans

Meal plans for Residence Hall Students (Chicago Campus)

If you live in the Wabash Building, you may purchase a Standard or Deluxe plan. That money goes into a flex dollar account which you can spend on anything in the McCormick Dining Center, and is deducted from your account with each purchase. Students will receive half of their annual meal allowance purchased each semester and can purchase more flex dollars if they run out.

If you live in the University Center, you may purchase a plan for 10 to 19 meals per week, to be used in the University Center Dining Hall.

Meal plans Commuter Students (Chicago Campus)
  • Save 10% on every transaction at the McCormick Dining Center by using a meal plan card. Add money to the card, then use it to purchase meals or grab-and-go items whenever you like.
  • Meal plans work as a declining balance, and the balance lasts for the fall through spring academic year.
  • Meal plans can be used to buy food for friends or family, but you must be present and make the purchase yourself. Meal plans are not transferable.

Payment options for a commuter meal plan

  1. Order online with a credit card or checking account number: After you select your commuter meal plan, you will be asked to provide your phone number as part of the check out process. Dining services will call you within three business days, and you will be asked to provide your student ID number to complete activation of your plan.

  2. By mail: Send a check payable to Dining Services at Roosevelt University: 425 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, 60605. Please specify the level of the plan (the dollar amount), your name and student ID number.

  3. As part of your student bill: If you'd like a meal plan charged to your student account AND you have a balance available to cover the expense, please print the order form and bring it to the cashier on the mezzanine level of the Wabash Building. The cashier can verify if you have eligible funds to be used for a meal plan and, if funds are available, they will contact Dining Services for the plan to be activated.

  4. By phone: Dining Services directly for assistance or to enroll over the telephone at 312-341-6575.

Meal Plans for Commuter Students (Schaumburg Campus)

There are currently no meal plans offered to Schaumburg commuter students, however, there are several dining options available:

  • A full-service vending area with microwave
  • FOODA pop-up restaurants with different food options/menus each day
  • There are several restaurants located within walking distance to campus