If you are considering a future law career, Prelaw at Roosevelt will provide you with helpful information and resources. We offer advice on your academic options, assistance with the law- school admission process and connections to people in the legal profession. Our experienced faculty and staff are happy to answer your questions about studying law at Roosevelt and where your education can take you!

Career Information

Prelaw at Roosevelt hosts on campus and virtual visits from local law school- representatives. Many other university departments and programs offer opportunities to learn about legal careers including professional development events and workshops.

Academic Advising

Roosevelt offers many courses that will help you learn about the law and prepare for law school. Contact us directly for course recommendations.  The websites listed below show the law-related programs at Roosevelt University. If you think law school is in your future, keep in mind that law schools seek students with good grades and high Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores. There is no required undergraduate major to get into law school. It is a good idea to major in a subject area that interests you. With a major you enjoy, you are more likely to achieve higher grades. 

Undergraduate programs:

Graduate programs:

The Law School Admission Process

Contact us for application information and recommendations for preparing for the LSAT. Find information and statistics on various law schools and a schedule of upcoming recruitment events. Visit the Law School Admission Council website - https://www.lsac.org/ for comprehensive information on the LSAT, choosing a law school and applying to law school.

Connections to law-school graduates and working legal professionals

Roosevelt has several faculty and staff members who have completed law school, including faculty in the Criminal Justice and Paralegal programs. Paralegal faculty members are all legal professionals and include practicing attorneys, an experienced paralegal and a Cook County Circuit Court Judge.

Internship Opportunities

Earn academic credit while working in a law firm or other legal department through internships offered by the Paralegal and Criminal Justice programs.

Alumni Testimonials

Read stories of Roosevelt alums now attending law school or working in the legal field.

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  • Carrie J. Lausen, JD - Director, Paralegal Studies and Conflict & Mediation Programs

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Questions about this page?

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