The Faculty/Staff Directory provides personal contact information for individual faculty and staff members. This data is maintained in Banner. Necessary changes to faculty/staff titles should be addressed to; changes to office location or other contact information should be addressed to the clerical staff of the department in which the faculty/staff member works. If you are looking for general contact information for an office or department, please search the Office Directory.

Please note that the College of Pharmacy is now the College of Science, Health and Pharmacy. This directory will reflect the reorganization of the college beginning in Fall 2021.

Raven Ayele
Educ Advisor Ed Talent Search
College of Education , College of Education, Office of the Dean
Daniel Azzaro
Adjunct Faculty
College of Arts and Sciences , Communication, Office of
Office: AUD 364
Marian Azzaro
Asoc Prof Int Market Comm
College of Arts and Sciences , Integrated Marketing Communication
Office: AUD 364C
Marian Azzaro
Kamil Babinski
Lead Campus Safety Officer
Campus Safety
Office: AUD 113
Lois Backas
Academic Advisor
Academic Advising
Office: WB 1M10
Alexandre Badue
Chicago College of Performing Arts , Music Conservatory
Alexandre Badue
C Leon Bailey
Asoc Prof Sociology
College of Arts and Sciences , Sociology & Anthropology
Office: AUD 870
C Leon Bailey
Nicholas Baldwin
Clin Asst Prof Psychology, Dir I/O Psych Masters Prog A&S
College of Arts and Sciences , College of Arts & Sciences, Office of the Dean
College of Arts and Sciences , Psychology
Office: AUD 827C
Nicholas Baldwin
Maria Fides Balita
Internal Auditor (Contractor)
Chief Financial Officer, Office of the
Office: WB 1902A
James Baltrum
Asst Teach Prf English
College of Arts and Sciences , English
James Baltrum