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Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate

The Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate was created to support the faculty, students and real estate industry through research, guest lectures, job placement, executive education, fundraising and events.


The Institute offers two graduate degree programs. The first is a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Real Estate. The second degree is a Master of Science in Real Estate. These two degree programs offer specialized classes and an inter-disciplinary approach combining urban economics with "hands-on" real estate.

Scholarships & Competitions

  • HEEF Midwest Real Estate Challenge
  • Real Estate Scholarships
  • Alpha Sigma Gamma (International Real Estate Honorary Society)

“I bleed Chicago. I love this city and want to leave my stamp on it. It’s my own little way of going down in the history books on a local scale.”

Leo Solarte - MSRE 2011
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Greenstone Partners
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