The Institute for Politics is a political research institute at Roosevelt University.  It is a non-partisan operation whose main purpose is to present clear and unbiased analysis of state and local elections in Illinois to educate and inform citizens, journalists, and elected officials about ongoing state and local elections.

The Institute for Politics was founded in 2005 with Professor Paul Green as the director. For many years, Professor Green had written about state and local politics in Illinois – centering much of his attention on elections, political parties, and changing geo-political demographics.  It was his view that there was no single source to find non-partisan analyses of election results or trends and that students, citizens and others had to rely mainly on sketchy journalistic articles or biased political broadsides put out by hired public relation spin doctors. The Institute sought and received a technology grant from AT&T Illinois to promote its mission of providing non-partisan election analysis. The Institute used the grant to produce the technology to provide readable and understandable election analysis for all Illinois citizens via tables, maps, charts and prose.

On September 10, 2016, Professor Paul Green passed away suddenly. Paul taught more than a generation of students since his arrival at Roosevelt University in 1999, hired every member of our current Department of Political Science and Public Administration, and published widely and influentially, both in local media and through multiple editions of his classic study of Chicago mayoral politics. Paul was a fixture on the Chicago political landscape, making frequent media appearances and offering incisive political commentary on the ins and outs of city, state, and national politics. Since 2011, Paul also served as Chairman of the City Club of Chicago, which remembered him for his “boundless commitment to the free exchange of ideas in a forum of civility, respect, and always, good humor.” We remember him for those qualities and for his tremendous collegiality, and he will be sorely missed.

Condolences for Paul’s passing came from colleagues, former and current students, local and state politicians, members of the media, and from the general public.

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