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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Major, Minor

Students acquire the "sociological imagination," a broad perspective of the relationship between society and the individual with a strong emphasis on social justice, gender, race, and contemporary urban and global problems. This emphasis leads to greater self-awareness, appreciation for diversity, understanding of local-global connections, and the knowledge and skills needed to work for a more socially just world. The department of sociology houses three institutes, the Policy Research Collaborative, the Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation, and the St. Clair Drake Center for African and African-American Studies, which provide students with opportunities for internships, transformational learning, and courses that take students into Chicago neighborhoods.

Expectations & Requirements


Sociology classes provide students with opportunities to expand their existing knowledge of contemporary urban issues and to acquire the conceptual and theoretical knowledge needed to work toward social justice. We encourage students to combine their study of sociology with a minor in the humanities or another social science such as history, sustainability studies, political science, economics, or psychology.

Minor Requirements

The Minor in Sociology complements the student's major course of study, enhancing their critical reading, analytical, and oral and written communication skills.

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