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Bachelor's in Data Analytics (BS)

College of Arts and Sciences
This degree teaches students to use technology to gather, analyze and interpret data, facilitating decision-making. Students will learn methods, tools and algorithms used in modern data analysis and analytics.
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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Major
This program provides undergraduates with a solid and comprehensive foundation in modern, and cutting-edge data analytic techniques and algorithms with a focus on fundamentals.

Expectations & Requirements


Students in this program do a deep study of the science of data analysis and will practice it on real data using enterprise-scale infrastructure. Students will experience different approaches, including big-data methods to data-mining, pattern-recognition and computer vision.

Sample Courses

  • Data Mining
  • Big Data
  • Computer Vision
  • Real World Networks
  • Pattern Recognition


"Students learn how to reveal hidden insights in data and how to make data-driven predictions or decisions. Since big data analysis applications are playing an increasingly important role in today’s information technology, many universities offer data analytics programs. Typically, such programs are taught at the graduate level, but Roosevelt offers the data analytics program for BS students, which gives them an opportunity to plunge into this exciting field as early as possible."
Evgeny Dantsin
Professor of Computer Science, Roosevelt University