MIS and MBA graduate B. Pagels-Minor
B. Pagels Minor (MIS '11, MBA '14)

B. Pagels-Minor started their master’s in information systems in 2009, right before Netflix offered its first streaming-only subscription. Today the thought leader and diversity activist is a Netflix product manager as the tech company attracts record numbers of subscribers during the pandemic.

Pagels-Minor is passionate about creating great products and sustainable processes that allow teams to “just” do the work well. After graduating with their MIS in 2012, they went on to earn a degree from the MBA program at Robert Morris University Illinois in 2014. Four years later, they made the leap from Chicago to Silicon Valley to work for Apple.

Pagels-Minor joined the Netflix team in 2020. As their tech career took off, they continue to give back to the Chicago community. Pagels-Minor serves on the board of directors of YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago and Howard Brown Health. In 2020, Pagels-Minor was named a HERoes Women Role Model Advocate.

Pagels-Minor spoke to the University about their MBA experience and taking the next step in their tech career. Learn more about the MBA program here.

What does your current role look like as a product manager?

I own products in the membership and finance data space for Netflix. These products are internal tools that support strategic decision making in areas like revenue, membership modeling and content strategies.

While I work in high-visibility professional roles, I also have 30+ tattoos, nose rings, etc. I believe fundamentally in bringing your whole self to work and not focusing on antiquated respectability ideas.

How did your graduate degree programs prepare you for your career success?

RMUI’s grad program put me in a position to be educated and learn alongside people who were innovating in their industries, which pushed me to be more excellent. My cohort included numerous rock stars who helped me develop the analytical and strategic thinking skills that have served me well in my career.

Wayne Gru is one of my favorite professors. His class helped me improve my writing and communication, which has been a key part of my success in my career.

What’s your advice for future MBA students?

Prepare. Do your research on what you want to do. Figure out what skills you need to do that thing. Then level up yourself to have those skills so when an opportunity pops up, you're prepared to take it.

My cohort included numerous rock stars who helped me develop the analytical and strategic thinking skills that have served me well in my career. B. Pagels-Minor MIS '12, MBA '14

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