Board of Trustees

Chair, Vice Chair & Officers


  • Maurice Smith (BS ’95)
    President & CEO, Health Care Service Corporation
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Vice Chair

  • James B. Connor
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Retired
    Duke Realty

Secretary to the Board

  • Bruce A. Crown
    BevBar, Inc.

Public Members

  • Steve H. Abbey
    Senior Vice President
    Huntington Bank
  • Marian Azzaro, Faculty Trustee
    Associate Professor of Integrated Marketing
    Roosevelt University
  • Valerie Barker-Waller
    Sr. Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
    YMCA of the USA
  • Sharon Bush (MPA '02)
    Executive Director
    Grand Victoria Foundation
  • Stephen Cerrone
    SJC Advisors LLC
    Associate Professor of Professional Practice – University of Miami

  • Maureen A. Ehrenberg
    Co-Founder & CEO, Blue Skyre
  • Stuart Folse, Faculty Trustee
    Professor of Core Music Studies, Composition
    Roosevelt University

  • Ann Ford
    Partner/Managing Director, HPS Advise
    Hall, Prangle & Schoonveld, LLC
  • Vicki Fuller, (BSBA, '79)
    Founder & CEO
    VLF Development, LLC
  • Thomas Gladden
    Founding Partner
    Fairway Capital Management LLC
  • J.C. Gonzalez-Mendez
    President of McDonald’s Latin America, Retired
    Founder, President & CEO, GM Integritas Consulting, LLC
  • Sarah Guernsey
    Deputy Director and Senior Vice President for Curatorial Affairs
    Art Institute of Chicago
  • John R. Hall, III, Ed.D.
    Edugaged, LLC
  • Larissa Herczeg
    Head of Seeding & Strategic Capital
    Blue Owl Capital Inc.
  • Abby Kahaleh, Faculty Trustee
    Associate Professor of Pharmacy Administration
    Roosevelt University
  • John O. Keshner
    Chief Investment Officer
    San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

  • Joseph Nocera
    Leader of PwC's Cyber & Privacy Innovation Institute
  • Robert Y. Paddock
    Executive Vice President and Vice-Chairman
    Paddock Publications, Inc.
  • Joseph A. Pasquinelli
    Founding Principal
  • Terry Peterson (MPA ’95)
    PTS Corp
  • William Presutti
    Executive Director, Strategic Sales Specialist
    FS Investments
  • Robert Tenuta, Faculty Trustee
    Assistant Teaching Professor of Human Resources Management
    Roosevelt University
  • Joyce E. Tucker
    Vice President of Global Diversity and Employee Rights, Retired
    The Boeing Company
  • Marek A. Wierzba
    Assurance & Advisory
    Business Services
    Ernst & Young
  • Carolyn Wiley, Faculty Trustee
    Professor of Management
    Roosevelt University
  • Joseph Yacullo
    Chief Credit and Financial Risk Officer
    Northern Trust Corporation

Life Trustees

  • Gerald W. Fogelson
  • Charles R. Gardner
  • Joe F. Hanauer
  • Patricia Harris
  • David Hiller
  • Meme Hopmayer
  • Donald S. Hunt
  • Robert Johnson
  • Melvin L. Katten
  • Renee Logan
  • Robert Mednick (BS, ’62)
  • Anna Eleanor Roosevelt


  • Frederick S. Addy
    Chairman Emeritus
  • Barbara T. Bowman
  • Charles R. Middleton 
    President Emeritus

Executive Council

  • Ali Malekzadeh — President
  • Michael Ford — Vice President, Chief of Staff/Chief Diversity Officer/Asst. Secretary to the Board of Trustees
  • Arlene Regnerus — Vice President of Finance and Administration, Chief Financial Officer
  • Neeraj Kumar — Vice President for Technology/Chief Information Officer
  • Andrae Marak — Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Rich Regan — Chief Executive Officer of the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University
  • Joseph P. Regan — Associate Vice President for Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accreditation
  • Nicole Barron — Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing and Advancement
  • Julia Brady — Interim Chief Advancement Officer and Vice President of University Relations
  • Latoya Laing — General Counsel and Deputy Chief Diversity Officer
  • Toyia K. Stewart — Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Michael Cassidy — Vice President of Athletics and Student Athlete Success
  • Steve Cohen — Chair, University Senate

College Deans

  • Cami McBride — Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kyong Mee Choi — Dean of the Chicago College of Performing Arts
  • Ryan Petty — Dean of the Heller College of Business
  • Melissa Hogan — Dean of the College of Science, Health and Pharmacy
  • Kelly Wentz-Hunter — Co-Dean of the College of Science, Health and Pharmacy and Interim Dean, College of Education

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