Roosevelt University is made up of four colleges, each focusing on a unique educational landscape.

  • Chicago College of Performing Arts:  Comprising three conservatories: Music, Theatre, and Interdisciplinary, CCPA trains world-class musicians, theatre professionals, innovative thinkers, scholars, entrepreneurs, and socially conscious artists in the heart of one of the country's most creatively accomplished cities. 
  • College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences: CHESS is the University’s largest college. Featuring more than 60 majors and minors, it serves as the foundation for Roosevelt's liberal arts education. 
  • College of Science, Health, and Pharmacy: Roosevelt University's newest college offers the only Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program in the Midwest that students will complete in three years, as opposed to the traditional four years 
  • Heller College of Business: The Walter E. Heller College of Business at Roosevelt offers comprehensive business education to prepare students for leadership in the modern global economy. Our degree programs deliver foundational theory and skills-based application for today's dynamic corporate environment, while also focusing on professional ethics and the importance of corporate social responsibility

Deans & Chairs

College deans are the chief academic, fiscal, administrative, and fund raising officers of the colleges they serve. They will provide leadership in the maintenance and improvement of educational standards and practices within their respective spheres by working with faculty to create an environment of intellectual excellence.

They will implement and carry out such academic and administrative policies as are determined by the Board of Trustees, President, Provost/EVP, University Senate, their colleges, and their academic units.

All college deans serve as members of the Deans Council and report directly to the Provost/EVP.

Chicago College of Performing Arts

  • Dean:  Kevin Hampton
  • Associate Dean: Tom Kernan 
  • Assistant Dean: Amanda Horvath-Adair
  • Chair of Music Conservatory: Adam Neiman
  • Co-Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies: Shannon McGinnis
  • Interim Chair and Artistic Director of Theatre Conservatory: Barbara Zahora
  • Interim Associate Chair and Producing Director of Theatre Conservatory (Co-Chair of Interdisciplinary): Jim Iorio

College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences  

  • Interim Dean: Regina Buccola
  • Associate Dean:  Anne-Marie Cusac 
  • Associate Dean:  Michael Ensdorf 
  • Assistant Dean: Lily Castillo 
  • Assistant Dean: Jennifer Johnson 
  • Chair, Education: Margaret Policastro  
  • Chair, Law, Society and Sustainability: Mike Bryson 
  • Chair, Humanities: Sandra Frink 
  • Chair, Psychology: Steven Meyers

College of Science, Health, and Pharmacy

  • Dean: Melissa Hogan 
  • Co-Dean: Kelly Wentz-Hunter
  • Chair for Department of Biological, Physical & Health Science (DBPHS): Robert Seiser
  • Chair of Teaching and Academic Excellence (Pharmacy): Daniel Majerczyk
  • Chair of Research and Scholarly Endeavors (Pharmacy): Larry Potempa
  • Chair of Math and Computer Science: Melanie Pivarski,
  • Director of Healthcare Ethics/Analytics (HEAL) (DBPHS): Susan Hayes
  • Chair of Counselor Education: Charmaine Conner
  • Chair of Service in Pharmacy: Vicky Shah

Heller College of Business

  • Dean:  Ryan Petty 
  • Associate Dean: Rifat Gorener
  • Assistant Dean: Audrey Guy 
  • Chair, Marketing, Decision Sciences, Hospitality Management: Jeff Adams 
  • Chair, Accounting and Finance: Meng Li 
  • Chair, Management, HR, and Leadership: Deb Orr 
  • Executive Director, Bennett Institute of Real Estate: Collete English Dixon 

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Questions about this page?

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