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Why Roosevelt

We believe in the power of passionate, caring, connected and inquisitive individuals to actually make a difference. We empower everyone in the Roosevelt community to discover transformational experiences and become socially conscious citizens, future leaders in their professions and communities.

Here, students come together to change their lives and the world. Reflecting the ideals set forth since our founding in 1945, we are committed to academic, creative and service excellence. Difference broadens perspectives, so we seek and serve a diverse, promising student body from metropolitan Chicago and around the world.

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Social Justice in Action

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Lots of universities talk social justice. At Roosevelt, it is at our very core. We live it, every day. A Roosevelt education prepares socially conscious citizens (like you!) to be agents of change in their world.

Academic & Artistic Excellence

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What’s your passion? Crunching numbers? Finding ways to keep people healthy? Or maybe singing La Traviata to an audience of 1,000? Find your focus with Roosevelt’s broad academic choices, outstanding faculty and nearly limitless directions your passions can take you.

Real-World Experience

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Why wait until you graduate to get real-world experience? Roosevelt offers plenty of meaningful out-of-the-classroom opportunities for students: internships, mentorships, career development, study abroad and much more.

"Roosevelt University goes beyond Chicago. It affects society and we have a choice as students here … to make that our goal as we continue forward. That’s something I take with me every single day."

Alex Fruin - Vocal Performance '19
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