Mission and Purpose

The Disability Services program serves all students with disabilities and the use of services is voluntary and confidential. The program is a resource for students and faculty.

The goal of this office is to ensure educational opportunity for all students with special needs by providing access to full participation in all aspects of campus life and increase awareness of disability issues on campus.

The DS works to:

  • Assist students with disabilities in overcoming environmental and attitudinal barriers and to provide them with academic support services and accommodations which help them to succeed at Roosevelt University
  • Facilitate the provision of services that will provide students with personal and academic support
  • Promote University community awareness of the needs and capabilities of students with disabilities
  • Serve as a resource for members of the University community, prospective students, parents and members of the public who interact with the University community.


Students with disabilities have access to equal opportunities for education and participation in University activities. Students must meet or exceed the essential requirement of the University with or without accommodations. Students initiate the request for any accommodations and/or services in a timely manner, communicate with faculty and/or staff regarding accommodations and work with the Disability Services staff as needed. The staff works with each student individually and accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis.