Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Categories

  • Excursion-Based: explore and apply content beyond the classroom 
  • Service-Learning: direct engagement with a specific community organization
  • Applied Project: complete a focused research project in service to a community organization, company, or other constituency
  • Student Research: complete an independent or collaborative project utilizing relevant research methods
  • Travel-Based: include a faculty-guided class trip abroad, or an intentionally-designed independent study abroad
  • Capstone: include a culminating project integrating knowledge and experience across an academic program, relating to students’ post-graduation plans
  • Internship: 120-240 supervised hours of discipline-related work in a real-world professional setting

How many EXL courses do I need?

Students who started at Roosevelt in Fall 2018 or later must complete the EXL requirement. Students who start at Roosevelt with 0-59 credit hours at the time they start or transfer need to complete 2 EXL courses. 

Students who start at Roosevelt with 60+ credit hours at the time of transfer need to complete 1 EXL course.

How do I fill the EXL requirement?

Search in the Course Finder for 200 or 300-level courses that have the Experiential Learning attribute, or any of the seven EXL categories. Students can take EXL courses in their major, minor, or as a general education course. Contact your advisor to discuss course offerings.


Provost's Office

"In fall of 2018, I went into Sustainability 350 not knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I would be required to volunteer at Ginkgo Organic Garden. What started out as ‘extra work’ quickly turned into an experience that changed my life. I learned about all the different areas of sustainability while committing myself to helping our environment. Lifelong friends were made, and I still volunteer on my own time because it makes me feel good to know I can make a difference. Help because you want to, not because you are being asked to. You will feel the change.”

Juan Huerta - Human Resource Management

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Questions about this page?

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