Temitope Paulson

It’s a small world after all. 

Talk with Temitope “Temi” Paulson for five minutes, and you may not hear that famous Disney tune, but you will feel more encouraged and connected to the world. The Heller College of Business MBA student is a long way from his home country of Nigeria, but he’s making the most of his time at Roosevelt, warming up the Chicago winter with his infectious smile.

In a recent freewheeling conversation, Temi shared his thoughts on a range of topics, from social entrepreneurship and leadership to paying it forward and “failing forward.” 

Here are three highlights from that talk.

There’s risk in everything but the cost of doing nothing is greater.

As a social entrepreneur, Paulson understands risk, but he also knows that there’s a cost to doing nothing in any venture.

“Risk is embedded in everything we do. There was risk for me coming to Roosevelt as an international student. There’s risk when you drive your car or take a train. But for me, the biggest risk is not taking a risk,“ says Paulson.  

For the record, Temi is having a blast at Roosevelt. His MBA coursework is showing him how to create the systems and structures that mitigate risks in business. And he appreciates how people can accumulate wisdom and experience when they take a risk and fail. 

“I’ve learned to fail forward, which means that next time I try something, I’m not starting from zero, I’m starting from experience.”

Build your skills, then help others build theirs.

Paulson is on a mission to sharpen his own skills and to bring what he’s learning to a world of haves and have nots. He says, “There are needs everywhere in black and brown communities, and I want to help people develop real world skills to start and scale businesses.”

In a world full of need, “we can’t rely only on governments for solutions. The solutions lie within us.” 

Find a place to belong.  Then bet on yourself.

Paulson speaks highly of Roosevelt’s inclusive culture. “Roosevelt is the best-kept secret in Chicago, a place with unique values and ethics where everyone is supported, academically and socially.”

When people belong, they start to believe in—and bet on—themselves. Temitope Paulson sure does, and you sense that his journey to Roosevelt is just getting started.

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