Michael Ruth

No matter how smart you are, computer science is hard. Michael Ruth knows. As a network operations system analyst, he helped a major bank manage a million transactions a day. As a software developer, he studied climate anomalies to help the U.S. Navy plan safer missions. As a researcher, he’s studied regression testing as it applies to web services. He knows the challenges—and the opportunities—of his field.Now 13 years into his work at Roosevelt, Ruth is in his element: in the classroom, drawing from his broad experience to encourage the next generation of computer science and cyber security students to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Here are three bits (or bytes) you should know about him:

He a translator extraordinaire 

Ruth’s diverse background put him in new situations with different kinds of people. He was constantly learning and conveying new ideas and terminology, honing his naturally strong communications skills.

“I was always a social guy with lots of non-technical friends. I got used to explaining technical concepts in ways everyone could understand, which was great training for the classroom.”

He's a genealogist...of sorts 

Originally a history major, Ruth has always been interested in the origins of people and ideas. 

“I’m grateful to my PhD advisor, Doctor Shengru Tu, and became interested in understanding the impact advisors have on people. So I created my own academic family tree, tracing back nine generations of advisors who created future advisors. Understanding their impact motivates me to have the same impact with my students.” 

He found opportunity within catastrophe

“You never know when your professional break will come. Mine came in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  When some faculty members left the University of New Orleans, I got the chance to teach, and I discovered how much I love working with students. I’d never wish such a hardship on anyone, but Katrina changed the arc of my life, and I try to pay that forward in my work.”

Today, Ruth sees similar opportunities for computer science and cybersecurity students at RU.  “Students get the chance to do real research and get published.  They’re absolutely workforce ready, because the RU faculty brings such real-world experience to the classroom.”

Learn how Roosevelt is developing the next generation of computer science and cybersecurity professionals here.

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