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Minor in Writing

Learn how to address multiple audiences, critically confront issues and convey your knowledge about yourself, society and the world. At Roosevelt University, you will study how to write convincing and compelling work.


Why Roosevelt

Presenter standing behind a podium, lecturing to a small audience sitting in chairs.

Enhance Your Writing Ability

Students become well-grounded in theories and vocabularies of writing in a variety of situations and for different intentions.

Man selecting a book from a large bookshelf full of books.

Variety of Topics

Students can select diverse writing disciplines such as screenwriting, brand storytelling, editing, grant writing and fiction.

Roosevelt student working at a laptop in a Wabash Building study room

Complementary to Many Majors

Majors in English, philosophy, history, women's and gender studies, journalism and communication all find the minor valuable, as do students who intend to pursue graduate work in any of those fields or to go to law school. Job candidacy in almost any field can be enhanced with a writing minor.