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Minor in Film Studies

Students who complete the minor in Film Studies develop crucial skills in critical observation, research, analysis, and interpretation. All of these competencies are highly transferrable and desired in our heavily mediated culture. Work in arts organizations, media organizations, politics and public relations are served by the knowledge and skills developed in this course of study.

Why Roosevelt

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Interdisciplinary approach

Our interdisciplinary program offers students unique critical lenses through which to study films, including philosophy, history, media studies and literary-based analysis.

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Diverse perspectives

Roosevelt is well-known for its diverse and inclusive student body and faculty. You will learn from and with people from all over the country and world, from many different backgrounds. This multicultural atmosphere goes hand-in-hand with an appreciation for the cinema.

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Prime location

Chicago’s independent film scene offers myriad off-campus opportunities for students, from internship opportunities with the Gene Siskel Film Center and various annual film festivals like the Chicago International Film Festival, to opportunities to attend screenings of new releases with directors and cast members present.

“Our Film Studies minor grounds students in the fundamentals of cinema through our core courses while offering an array of exciting thematic and genre courses. Film study invites students to ignite their imagination and engage with one of the most popular storytelling traditions of our age.”

Kim Ruffin
Associate Professor in English, Roosevelt University